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positive test and I have copper coil, and now negative test. Doctor says wait

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GrassWasGreener Tue 29-Dec-15 10:38:00

Didn't want to hog someone else's thread, so thought best to start this one. Had positive test over Christmas, I have the copper coil. Came straight to docs this morning. Did another test here and it was negative. Am spotting a little today. Doctor said come back in a week and we can re test until then don't worry unless you have heavy bleeding then go to a&e. Is this normal? I know his test was negative but I have 2 positive ones. Said what about the spotting and he said don't worry about it ..: am i being crazy. He didn't seem to know much, first thing he said was that he would send me back to clinic that put in the coil to have it removed, he then asked me the statistic of failure with the coil. Didn't feel much confidence in him. Have asked for second opinion and waiting to see another doctor. Am I loosing my mind? Should I just go home and carry on as normal?

Polgen20 Tue 29-Dec-15 11:03:33

If you had a positive test, it is most likely you were pregnant at that time because false positives are rare, it could be a chemical pregnancy or very early miscarriage where the egg had developed enough to give a positive result but couldn't implant because of the coil? Or perhaps if the test you did only had a faint line it could be that if it wasn't FMU or more diluted it just didn't show up on the test. Unfortunately if it was an early mc Drs don't take it very seriously as it happens so often and there is nothing they can do to help so they are often very matter of fact about it. Sadly there isn't much you can do other than wait it out the week to see what happens flowers

Junosmum Tue 29-Dec-15 12:38:22

Unfortunately there isn't anything a medical professional can actually do at this point - a scan won't show anything and there is no point in removing the coil right now. All anyone can tell you is to wait and see, which is horrible. But it is a case of only time will tell. GP pregnancy tests are only like supermarket ones so not more accurate or anything than you can do yourself so it is possible that you are still pregnant, similarly though, it is also possible that you have unfortunately had an early miscarriage.

Waiting a week will be unpleasant, but will give you the answer you need. I suggest buying some cheap tests and doing one in a few days, if that's negative then it sounds like a miscarriage. It's rubbish.

GrassWasGreener Tue 29-Dec-15 19:37:16

thank you all smile

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