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I am HUGE second time round - anyone else?

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PenelopeChipShop Tue 29-Dec-15 06:40:12

I'm 27 weeks with no.2 and am aware that I am so much bigger in this pregnancy, it's slightly freaking me out. Am a bit worried that the baby is too big for the dates or that I'll never lose the weight again.

Have seen a lot of people over the last few weeks due to Christmas and nearly everyone remarked on how big I look 🙁

SiL even pointed out that I'm bigger than a friend of hers who is due any day 'though she is very slim' apparently. Thanks!!!

I just can't help feeling a bit down about it (I've had eating disorders in the past and its triggering me I think).

Was anyone else the same and did you still lose it afterwards? I already weigh 5lbs more than with my DS at full term and I've got 3 months to go!

Wonkyparsnip Tue 29-Dec-15 06:43:35

I'm 28 weeks and enormous. I've been uncomfortable since 4 months. I keep thinking there must be twins in there! Assume I'm just more stretchy than before.

Can't believe there's still 3 months to go 😂

Mrscog Tue 29-Dec-15 06:45:21

I was enormous 2nd time around, and gained nearly 4 stone. DS2 has just turned 8 months and I'm back to pre pregnancy size and weight so don't panic too much.

IndomitabIe Tue 29-Dec-15 06:46:30

Me. I am also 27 weeks and am about the size now I was at the end with DC1.

I haven't weighed myself and don't intend to. They haven't measured my belly yet, and at 20 week scan this one was spot on 50th centile.

I'm back to work (briefly) in July and need to fit in my work clothes! I'm thinking about belly binding (need to ask on here if it's just a gimmick) and will get back to running ASAP.

I'm trying to ignore it. I'm blaming the lax abdominals! I'm welcoming the extra padding around the 'love handle' area and telling myself it'll stand me in good stead for breastfeeding (and maybe the lack of fat reserves last time is what led to me feeling terrible for the best part of 2 years last time).

But I don't have a history with food issues. That must be really difficult. I recommend my 'head in the sand' approach though!

tinkerbellvspredator Tue 29-Dec-15 06:55:20

I gained much more weight the second time and bump was bigger too due to less strength in muscles and also he was a bigger baby.

However did breastfeed the second time and weight gradually dropped off a pound at a time until I ended up weighing the same as I did as a teenager! Unfortunately not quite the same shape, would need to do exercise for that wink. Oh and I'm still eating cake, no diets for me ever.

MyNameIsSuz Tue 29-Dec-15 07:35:29

Me too! 29 weeks and I haven't weighed myself either, but last time I was still in size ten at the end and this time I'm a definite 12, so definitely bigger. There are a couple of girls at work due within a week or two of me, and I'm twice the size. They are first timers though. I'm also measuring right for my dates, and the baby was on the 50th centile at the scan (which could also be a difference if it carries on, ds was only on the 9th). I'm not too worried, I lost a lot of weight breastfeeding last time and hope it'll use up all my fat stores again!

mrsnec Tue 29-Dec-15 07:45:49

Yes. I'm 31 weeks and 5 kg bigger than I was at term with dd I'm really hoping I don't put on much more. I keep telling myself that's the extra I hadn't lost after having dd because she's only 14 months now so I hadn't lost it all from last time. I have lost a lot of weight in the past I know I can do it again but I've had comments too and it is bothering me as is not being able to move very well at the moment! I'm already very uncomfortable.

I'm measuring right for my dates too.

PenelopeChipShop Tue 29-Dec-15 07:46:29

That's good news Mrscog, did you do much to lose it or did it happen naturally?

Indomitable I'm sure you're right about the muscles being to blame! What is belly binding, will have to google?!

Glad it isn't just me I guess! I hope breastfeeding is just as effective this time, I did find I lost the weight easily first time just feeding him and walking with the pram but there's more to lose this time!!

Mrscog Tue 29-Dec-15 07:52:57

I lost 2 stone in the week after having him - he was 8lb, then placenta etc, and I was very 'fluidy' then the other 2 stone has just gone slowly - I'm BF and have tried not to go wild with food, but equally haven't really dieted.

mrsnec Tue 29-Dec-15 07:54:34

I lost 4 stone to get pregnant. I only put on 2.5 stone with dd then lost 2 stone in 2 months when I had her. Just calorie counting on mfp but I stopped and didn't lose the rest.

I couldn't bf but I'm not sure if it would make a difference for me anyway. Might try again this time but still bf or not I know I can do it. But I'm in no rush and I think that's the best approach. As is getting out and about as soon as possible.

Sanch1 Tue 29-Dec-15 07:55:11

I'm 16 weeks with number 2 and already look massive! I didn't even look pregnant until gone 20 weeks last time!

Impatientwino Tue 29-Dec-15 08:20:59

29 weeks here with dc2 and feeling very uncomfortable! Even my best friend said the other day, look at the size of you! (She's usually lovely, just think she was a bit shocked!)

I have to go for an accelerated growth scan on NYE ordered by the midwife as I've grown loads in the last 3 weeks and I've put on 7lbs in those 3 weeks.

My first was 9lb 8oz so I'm due another big one I suppose. I'm only 1.5 stone heavier than pre pregnancy but was very ill at the start and still got 10 weeks to go (baby coming at 39 weeks)

I've had breast surgery both sides since my first so I'm not sure how well breastfeeding will go this time so bit worried about how quickly it will come off.

Half of me thinks it's my last chance to embrace the cake so I'm trying to just go with the flow!

Kaytee1987 Tue 29-Dec-15 08:26:49

My friend put on an extra stone with her second, a year later and she was slimmer than before having baby. Don't worry as long as you and baby are healthy flowers

Glitterkitten24 Tue 29-Dec-15 08:32:30

Yep- can't believe I'm only 24 weeks, I'm huge!
I had an extra growth scan last week and baby is measuring on 95th centile, but midwife said that a lot of it is just muscle memory- my abs just gave up the ghost more yucky this time! ;(

Can't believe I have 16 weeks still to go!

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