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some spotting at 10 weeks. Rh neg. Worth a call to the midwives or not?

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Scrowy Mon 28-Dec-15 10:33:40

I'm 10 weeks and I had some pink discharge immediately after sex a couple of days ago. This was normal for me pre pregnancy as I had a cervical erosion but was the first time it has happened during the pregnancy. I was slighty bothered at the time but there was a reasonable explaination and it stopped immediately. Last night I had some very slight brown spotting which I assume is related.

I'm fairly sure it is as a result of sex rather than a miscarriage (although not naive enough to rule it out as a possibility) but its bothering me slightly that because I am Rh neg I should be telling someone about it. I've tried to google a bit and it mainly seems that they dont give you the anti d jab before 12 weeks anyway.

I'm also bothered if I ring that they will think its because I'm trying to wangle an earlier scan as I was clearly quite dissapointed when they couldn't give me a 12 week scan date until I was nearly 14 weeks. This isnt the case as I have since booked a private scan for early next week as a Christmas present to myself.

Trying to remain calm and reasonable but it's getting the better of me... not helped by the fact my symptoms dropped off a cliff over Christmas which was wonderful timing but now seems a bit ominous.

Kaytee1987 Mon 28-Dec-15 10:35:28

Phone them, who cares it they think you're looking for an earlier scan. You need to look after yourself and baby. Hope everything is ok.

Scrowy Mon 28-Dec-15 19:21:01

Thanks Kaytee. I haven't rung them yet, there was nothing more this morning but this evening had a very tiny amount of pink discharge and some brown spotting that I wouldn't have even noticed if I wasn't pregnant.

Will ring them tomorrow I guess but it just feels a bit pointless sad

Snarklepoo Mon 28-Dec-15 19:43:59

Scrowy, this sounds almost exactly like how my spotting started.

Please, please don't feel like you can't ask to be looked at because you feel like you'll be judged. You have every right to be concerned and to ask for help from the services that exist to do just that.

I wish I'd been more adamant about asking for bloods to be taken etc weeks ago, because I just knew something wasn't quite right.

Don't want to go on, as things are quite raw for me and this isn't the place, but you know your own body better than anyone.

Don't be patronised and don't be fobbed off. Trust your instincts.

Will be thinking of you.

Curioushorse Mon 28-Dec-15 19:56:07

Right. Now I had this throughout the whole blimmin pregnancy and am rh Neg. The RH neg thing is irrelevant before you're 12 weeks I think (and I may mean the complete opposite here) because the baby hasn't got their own blood at that stage, so there is no danger of two different blood types mingling.

I was toying with name changing for the next bit, but I'm thinking that this has maybe happened to loads of other people too?

I had bleeding throughout my first pregnancy. It was a nightmare. It was erratic, and they never found a cause. It was never too bad and only occasionally worse than spotting....but because I'm RH neg it caused LOADS of complications. I ended up spending around a month in hospital, just for observation. I lost count of the amount of scans, and I had more than 14 anti-D injections. (mental)

With second pregnancy, the same thing started to happened, but this time it was linked to sex. Obviously, we stopped having sex (it's a mood-killer if you know you're going to have to sit in hospital for a day afterwards!)....but about halfway through my pregnancy I was referred to another consultant who had dealt with this issue before. Apparently the blood type and the pregnancy hormones mean a very 'sensitive' (not in a good way) vagina which is prone to bleeding if there are any pressure put on it. Erm, hopefully that's not going to happen to you, but thought I'd mention it, as if the bleeding continues, you'll have a fair few bonus hospital visits (sigh).

Scrowy Mon 28-Dec-15 20:29:23

Thanks everyone. Snarklepoo I'm so sorry you have been through this, I didn't know just how ridiculously common it is until I became pregnant.

I was expecting bleeding anyway because of my cervical erosion, when not pregnant it can bleed fairly heavily after sex or even if I strain too hard going to the loo blush so I've been mentally preparing for it happening / surprised it hasn't happened sooner.

None of that makes it any less worrying though now that it has happened. Curioushorse it's the Rh neg thing that is mainly bothering me as it feels like the one occasion where something bad happenin might be preventable but you have offered me some reassurance about the pre 12 weeks thing, so thanks.

My main ray of hope is that I still feel pregnant despite having no symptoms and my OH and mum separately and unprompted told me I was starting to show today. Guess I will find out one way or another next week. I live very rurally and highly doubt with all the bank holidays that the small EPU unit will be able to give me a scan any sooner than the private one I already have booked for next Tue.

Kaytee1987 Mon 28-Dec-15 21:57:52

I don't think the rh negative factor is completely irrelevant before 12 weeks, I know someone who had an abortion at 9 weeks (rh negative) and was given anti d. Not trying to worry you just wanted to say.

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