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High white cell count, swollen lymph nodes under arms at 16 weeks pregnant

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Rachy29 Sun 27-Dec-15 01:21:40

Id really like to know if anyone has experienced this in pregnancy? I am 16 weeks and for around 4 weeks I've had a high white cell count which is continuing to rise, my lymph nodes under my arms are all sore and swollen and I just feel generally unwell! I'm also having bad back pain and losing green discharge (sorry to be groce) my doctors don't want to give antibiotics as they are unsure as to what is causing it all and I am becoming increasingly worried. I was wondering if anyone has experienced some or all of the symptoms and has any idea as to what could be causing it?

madsaz76 Sun 27-Dec-15 12:58:54

Has your doctor examined your breasts? Most likely source of under arm lymph nodes.

Green discharge won't be related to lymph nodes in arms but may need a swab.

Raised wcc can be normal in pregnancy or due to infection

Rachy29 Sun 27-Dec-15 13:41:20

Yes I had a full examination of breasts when it first started, I'm wondering if it could all be related to strep B? A lot of sites say there are no symptoms but I've seen it come up on a few forums saying people had similar symptoms, back at the midwife on 31st so hopefully she will be of more help then my doctor was, I'm just worried it's an infection that could cause complications with this going on for the past 5 weeks.

madsaz76 Sun 27-Dec-15 17:10:49

strep b wont put armpit nodes up. THat could be viral though

sounds really grim but show midwife some of the discharge if need be on a pad.

Rachy29 Sun 27-Dec-15 21:21:47

I'll maybe take a pic of it to show her I'm sure she's seen worse haha! thanks for your advice!

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