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Really need some pram help!

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Maybug12 Sun 27-Dec-15 00:17:09

What the subject title says really! I'm 30 weeks on Monday and need to probably start buying some of the big items for baby! (Thought i would wait for January sales!) but I am finding choosing a pram so hard, There is just so much on the market! Essentially I need it to be light weight as I'm moving to a second floor flat without a lift! If anyone has any suggestions that would be fantastic! Thank you smile

Plantpot83 Sun 27-Dec-15 06:24:13

I also live in a flat in London and have the city jogger 4 wheel. It's great, folds up really easily and is very light, manoeuvrable, but sturdy, and lays down completely flat. The only downside is that it is only forward facing which my DD (15 weeks) likes but some babies might prefer to be facing you. You can buy a carrycot and turn it into a pram until they're six months. However, I used it with a carrycot insert when she was tiny and now have a mamas and papas cocoon. The other pushchairs we considered were the bugaboo bee, and the yoyo babyzen.

Pippa12 Sun 27-Dec-15 06:25:40

Icandy raspberry, mamas and papas urbo2 or bugaboo bee stood out as being light and compact when I was looking.

OryxNotCrake Sun 27-Dec-15 06:45:02

What's your budget?

Maybug12 Sun 27-Dec-15 08:48:33

Thank you for your suggestions everyone, will look into all of these! And oryx, my partners mum has offered to buy and has not given us a budget, but if the pram is perfect for what we need and is out of price range for her i would put money towards it also so hopefully money won't be too much of an issue!

ProbablyMe Sun 27-Dec-15 09:09:04

We have the Easywalker mini stroller plus carrycot. Compact fold, pretty light and on a really good offer at!

There are some really good reviews online and we've taken it out of the box and played with it for a while and the quality it terrific.

ammature Sun 27-Dec-15 10:05:42

We have the city mini jogger GT. we bought the carrycot for it too and connections for the maxi cosy car seat. I had a lot of recommendations for this from people who live in small flats or houses. It folds with one hand and is the top rated pram on which? Also the chassy has a life time guanrentee.

Quodlibet Sun 27-Dec-15 20:31:35

Another vote for City Mini GT.

jamtartandcustard Sun 27-Dec-15 21:15:56

We've gone for the bugaboo bee. Had one before and knew how fab it was so didn't think twice about ordering another.
It's lightweight, parent-facing, folds in one piece and will last till our baby is out of a pushchair

jamesblake7 Mon 04-Jan-16 12:04:20

The icandy raspberry is super lightweight, you would have no trouble with it in a flat or using it around cities and towns! plus they come in some awesome colours!

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