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Sleepyhead or cocoon in a Snuzpod - anyone?

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KLG3101 Sat 26-Dec-15 21:58:39

Has anyone used a sleepyhead or cocoon in a Snuzpod and does either fit with size up?

Thank you

Oysterbabe Sun 27-Dec-15 11:56:57

I'll be able to tell you in about a week.
We have a Sleepyhead and are picking up the Snuzpod at the weekend.

KLG3101 Sun 27-Dec-15 12:54:31

Oh thank you! Do let me know!

ilovehotsauce Sun 27-Dec-15 12:57:30

I will take a photo when I pop upstairs, we have the sleepyhead + snuzpod. There is no way the bigger size of sleepyhead would fit though. Don't know if the combo actually works as currently 40+ 2! Come on baby!

KLG3101 Sun 27-Dec-15 15:44:57

Oh thank you! I can't decide on the sleepyhead or the cocoonababy!

ilovehotsauce Mon 28-Dec-15 16:21:29

Im not sure the cocoonababy is suitable for overnight sleeping due to it not being flat.

scarednoob Mon 28-Dec-15 19:29:38

Omg our sleepyhead saved our sanity! DD went from screaming every time we put her down to sleeping for at least 3 hours at a time. For the last few weeks (she's nearly 15 weeks now), she's mostly slept through the night in it. I bless the sleepyhead!!!

Ughnotagain Mon 28-Dec-15 22:48:38

We have a Sleepyhead and it fits in our Babybay bedside crib. Not sure how dimensions compare to the Snuzpod.

KLG3101 Sun 03-Jan-16 13:11:34

Thanks for the photo! Are you happy enough with how it fits?

ilovehotsauce Wed 06-Jan-16 20:12:02

Yeah its really good, dd2 has actually slept in it every night since we've been home!!! I'm in awe especially as dd1 still sleeps in the middle of our bed at 26 monthshmm

Completely worth the cost and its lovely to lay there staring at her little face smile

sherbertlemon17 Thu 07-Jan-16 09:14:48

Just in case you haven't already bought your sleepyhead, just a little bit of a life hack which might save you some money...

We spent a stint in hospital and the nurses made DD a "nest". Looks exactly like a sleepyhead, but is a big blanket or towel, rolled up in a long sausage shape and placed in a pillow case in a U shape. We made one for her when we came home and have left it in her crib and she looks so comfy in it! Might be worth a try before shelling out? 😊

miniswin Thu 07-Jan-16 09:37:28

We looked at the snuz

miniswin Thu 07-Jan-16 09:38:46

Oops, sorry... The snuzpod this weekend out of interest and it's remarkably narrow - way too narrow for a cocoonababy. A friend of mine uses one with a Chico next to me very successfully however, it's much wider and more spacious.

Cheesypop Thu 07-Jan-16 13:33:56

We have a Chicco next to me and a sleepyhead and they fit beautifully together. To me the snuz pod looked tiny and narrow and I was worried they would grow out of it really quickly. I'm not sure how well a sleepyhead would fit in it?

villainousbroodmare Thu 07-Jan-16 13:59:19

I bought both Cocoonababy and Sleepyhead. grin PFB? and I likes me sleep.
I must have missed the bit where the Cocoonababy was deemed unsuitable for sleeping at night and DS slept utterly contentedly in it for 3 months. It is a much nicer thing than the Sleepyhead - it's a firm foam and can be lifted without sagging or deforming, hence without waking the baby. So you can have it on the kitchen table, on the verandah, on the bed beside you or on the floor, or rock him in it on your knee and then place him wherever you want him.
We only switched to the Sleepyhead because we live in South Africa and it was so cosy it was getting a little too warm, we thought. The Sleepyhead does last longer, though I can't see it being adequate shoulder-widthwise till 8 months.
DS is still in it now at 5.5 months and it's been handy as it pretty much means he doesn't need a cot. He slept in the back of our (parked) estate car in it at a party last night and it's easy to bring to a friend's house or wherever you happen to be (obv this goes for the Cocoonababy too).
I'd suggest that if space allows, you consider doing what we did and putting the cot up against your bed and taking one side off. Or if you have a big enough bed, just skip the bedside crib altogether and put the Cocoon or Sleepyhead beside you on your bed.

villainousbroodmare Thu 07-Jan-16 14:01:35

I'm going to McGyver sew cobble together the next size up in the Sleepyhead myself.
It's a useful thing but £149 plus P&P can be better spent imo.

ChicaMomma Thu 07-Jan-16 14:50:42

BUGGER! i bought a cocoonababy at the weekend and it never dawned on my to check if it would fit in my snuzpod first...

internet says external width of snuzpod is 42, mattress is 37, and the coocoonababy is 40- so it would be super snug if it fits at all.. better check tonite and will have to return it if not suitable sad

has anyone just placed the cocoonababy on their own bed?

villainousbroodmare Thu 07-Jan-16 14:58:53

Yes. You don't need the Snuzpod. Eventually, obviously, you'll need a cot. So we just took a side off the cot, pushed it up against our bed and used it as a giant bedside crib. Only thing is that it requires a small bumshuffle for the person on that side of the bed to get out.

ChicaMomma Fri 08-Jan-16 16:21:29

I was able to put my Cocoonababy into my snnuzpod last nite- it's snug, but it fits! pretty nicely. Because it's snug it doesnt move around at all either, which is good.

Bloody great idea though to use the full cotbed as a giant bedside crib, would have gone without the snuzpod had i known that. Having said that, DS1 loved the snuzpod for 7 mths, so hoping DS2 does too. The cocoonababy is just to get us through those first awful 8 weeks!! Overkill? totally, but it's all i've bought for this second little guy really.

IndomitabIe Fri 08-Jan-16 18:06:43

THANK YOU Sherbertlemon:
"^Just in case you haven't already bought your sleepyhead, just a little bit of a life hack which might save you some money...^

^We spent a stint in hospital and the nurses made DD a "nest". Looks exactly like a sleepyhead, but is a big blanket or towel, rolled up in a long sausage shape and placed in a pillow case in a U shape.^"

I am definitely trying this! can't fork out for both Snuzpod and expensive pillow thing

Whoknewitcouldbeso Fri 08-Jan-16 18:12:38

I'm trying the blanket in a pillowcase thing too. Fab suggestion!

PallasCat Wed 13-Jan-16 18:40:27

Also currently having this debate! What to do? We have a very small bedroom, which makes snuzpod appealing, but a side-down cot that will last way longer... also appealing... gah! Anyway. So far as DIYing a sleepyhead, there are quite a few clever (seemingly all scandi) blogs with plans and pics for sewing your own. Might make this my maternity leave project. (Learning Swedish optional). (scroll down to babynest)

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