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Which hospital close by or the one further away but highly recommended for birth?

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Holly34 Sat 26-Dec-15 05:30:11

There is one near to me at 15 mins drive. Met two family doctors over xmas who recommend another one which is 25 mins away but husband says this is in a very busy area and you have to drive through the city which at peak times is bad. The one further away have a BB facility where you partner can stay with you overnight for only 30.00GBP!! And the level of care is excellent heard another mum say who delivered there 3 years ago.

My sister in law had her three children at the hospital nearer to me she did have her first child over 13 years ago and said she received very good care, but not wit the other two children. She really wants me to go to this one, as I think its easy convenient for all. Not sure now... I am a first time mum.

InspectorNorse Sat 26-Dec-15 07:20:53

Tricky smile I think I'd probably plan for the nicer one, but keep in mind I may have to end up in the closer one. When I had my baby, I got plenty of warning (early hours of the morning when it all started, and it started pretty slowly), so if that happens for you then you'd have time to drive further (and traffic might be lighter at certain times of the day/night). If things are suddenly very urgent and you don't have the time to get to the further hospital, ring the nearer one and tell them you're on your way smile

Don't let other people's convenience sway you. You're the one having the baby! If they have to drive a little further to visit, I'm sure they will. I'd say the things to prioritise address 1) what is the safest for the baby (so if emergency, the nearer one), and 2) where will you be most relaxed and happy.

Hope all goes well, wherever you end up!

Bells2307 Sat 26-Dec-15 07:32:11

I'd definitely go for the nicer one, I'm having to travel 40 mins to mine so 25 mins would be great!, mines the closest, had a good reputation but nothing fancy like BB for hubby. Where you are most comfortable is the best choice, if you went for the nearer one but didn't receive good care, would you be wondering what if? I like the reassurance of figures, facilities and recommendations though so I'd definately go for the 25 min one. I'm a ftm though so a little nervous! Good luck with your choice X

brookeberry Sat 26-Dec-15 09:07:46

I think 25 mins sounds pretty good! Mine is 45 mins away - I'm not sure whether I should be worried about this or not . . . . confused

Holly34 Sun 27-Dec-15 05:21:09

Thank you guys I have decided to take a tour next week to both hospitals. Seeing is believing! wink

dizzylemon Sun 27-Dec-15 21:28:20

Handy source of info, I've found. I'm lucky to have a choice. Hoping things will remain uncomplicated so i can use the rather homely birthing centre 5 mins down the road!

unimaginativename13 Sun 27-Dec-15 21:39:30

I choose a hospital 40mins away as oppose to 10mins.

To be honest my DH couldn't stay and we didn't factor in a 10 day stay which meant he had to commute everyday.

Plus I was high risk so in the end had more appointments which was more travelling.

I didn't think of these things when I picked the shiney new hospital.
I wasn't overwhelmed with the care but equally wouldn't do it next time as now have a DS and It would have been very difficult if we'd had children currently.

Junosmum Sun 27-Dec-15 21:39:42

I had a similar choice. The near one, 10mins away has a reasonably poor reputation, though has improved in recent years (was subject to an investigation a few years ago). Th ether was 25 mins away, but up to 1.5 hours in rush hour, recognised as an institute of excellence and a nationwide good reputation.

I decided on the nearer one. I had a bleed at 28 weeks, I have never been so grateful of the short journey.

RiverTamFan Sun 27-Dec-15 21:47:11

I live on the Welsh border and the local hospital maternity isn't great and the nearest other Welsh hospital is over an hour's drive away. An English hospital is 20 minutes away. Women in labour have been known to rush to the English city centre and ring an ambulance!

Go for the good one, recommended by the doctors. They know all the gossip, all the things you'll never know (or want to!)

Holly34 Sun 03-Jan-16 23:59:42

I can not believe it a few days ago I told my sister-in-law that the hospital further away was recommended!! and she turned round and said I don't quite like the one near by anyway!! Then why did she tell me that it was a good hospital I'm just glad I've already changed over hospitals with my midwife the only thing sister-in-law doesn't know about this waiting to give her the surprise when my husband calls her once the baby arrives way to come and visit us wink

Holly34 Mon 04-Jan-16 00:09:00


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