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stomach pains?! :-(

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bippitybopityboo Fri 25-Dec-15 23:40:11

Hey I'm 11 weeks pregnant and for the past 3 days I have been having stomach pains. They're not like period pains they are usually higher in my tummy but have been lower too at 1st I thought it could be trapped wind or something but it's definitely not. I'm really panicking and keep checking for blood every time I go to the loo. So far nothing touch wood is this something I should be worried about or is it normal. P.s. merry Christmas all xx

Wait4nothing Fri 25-Dec-15 23:57:06

I've had a variety of different pains and have been told all so far are normal (I'm 22w) had period style cramps along with some sharp twinges when moving. Often a paracetamol or hot water bottle helps. If you've had your booking in appointment you should have a number to ring if your very worried but aches and pains are apparently very normal (although always worrying to the mum to be!)

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