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Ok baby any time from now is good

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Stylingwax Fri 25-Dec-15 17:18:55

38 + 3. DC2. Baby engaged and been spotting and cramping for a week which I know means NOTHING. Had to get to Christmas as DP couldn't take any leave before hand (he's fixed dozens of ovens this week) and my Mum dropped unsubtle hints that a Christmas Day baby would be inconvenient.
But, Christmas Day done, lots of fambo now off for a week. Can barely move with SPD so now would be great (I'm gonna be late aren't I).

Junosmum Fri 25-Dec-15 17:27:28

Yep, you and me both.

37 weeks today. Washing up all done. Baby can come now. It won't though. I'll have at least 4.5 more weeks I reckon.

mudandmayhem01 Fri 25-Dec-15 17:46:27

12 years ago, my lovely dd was due on the 26th, she hung on in there until the 9 th Jan, when she was finally induced. Waiting was awful but I really glad she waited a bit as I now have time to put the Christmas presents away and buy her some bargains in the sales. But I sympathise still remember the indigestion from trying to eat Christmas dinner at 40 weeks.

tinyme135 Fri 25-Dec-15 17:56:31

I'm the same. I'm 37+5 and he's welcome to come at any time now that Christmas is over with xD

Stylingwax Fri 25-Dec-15 18:59:19

Ooomud owch. I suppose on the plus side, the further away from Christmas to have a birthday now the better as you say. Hopefully two weeks max ish now!

Christmascheerful Fri 25-Dec-15 19:04:57

I'm 37w now I'm ready whenever just want baby here now so I can look at the little one and put my anxiety to rest!

doceodocere Fri 25-Dec-15 19:07:10

34 weeks here and so tired, uncomfortable and grumpy

KatyN Fri 25-Dec-15 19:12:11

Today is my due date.. I am definitely suffering from due date blues.
To be fair today wouldn't have been the most convenient but she could start now and arrive tomorrow?

DoctoraNova Fri 25-Dec-15 19:42:43

Totally with you K, passing the due date is pretty miserable.

IslaMann Fri 25-Dec-15 19:45:14

Be careful what you wish for. I said the same last night at 34wks, as was so fed up being uncomfy, reflux and barely able to move. Today I'm in hospital overnight being monitored due to a large PV bleed this morning 😞

DimlowChips Fri 25-Dec-15 19:49:00

Here here! I'm 39+2 today and had false labour all afternoon at PILs.... Really thought we were going to be heading to the maternity unit after lunch. But we have just got home be everything has stopped hmm

cheeseandcrackers Fri 25-Dec-15 19:58:18

38+5 here. Desperate to get it all started now but think I'm too knackered to go through labour tonight. Tomorrow would be good, although I get that in the long run a January birthday would be more convenient.

Givinguph0pe Fri 25-Dec-15 19:58:47

Be grateful.
My prem baby is in NICU. I should have been pregnant for another 6 weeks at least.

BabyBNumberThree Fri 25-Dec-15 20:53:04

I'm in the same boat...39+5.....but I've lost my plug today yey...when I lost it with ds I went into labour the next day so fingers crossed. I'm in a hot bath now then going to have an hour on the birthing ball see if I can get things moving tomorrow lol

CharmingChampignon Fri 25-Dec-15 20:57:47

38+1 and I just want to crack on now! Fingers crossed for all of us.

Zeitgei5t Fri 25-Dec-15 22:12:37

Joining you on this boat 38+4. DD1 was 12 days over tho so I guess january it is.

LauraMcW Fri 25-Dec-15 23:19:21

Yep 39+2 here and ready any time! smile

Junosmum Sat 26-Dec-15 15:57:02

Actually scrap that, the way to the hospital is flooded. Please stay put a day or two baby!

toohardtothinkofaname Sat 26-Dec-15 16:01:16

I've decided I'm having baby tomorrow. Spending today on the sofa eating & napping in prep. That's how it works isn't it? wink

spnfan Sat 26-Dec-15 17:25:37

I was also due yesterday! Relief that she's not going to have a Christmas Day birthday but come oooooooooooon, BabySPN!

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