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Chicken pox

(4 Posts)
Cinnamon84 Fri 25-Dec-15 08:18:53

Merry Christmas everyone! Not sure if I'll get many replies but I'll try anyway.
So im 6 weeks pregnant and spending today with my 2 nephews, one is starting to recover from chicken pox and his little brother is probably just about to get it if he hasn't already. I know it's a danger around pregnant women who haven't had it before.. My parents can't remember if I have, but I have had shingles. I read somewhere that shingles is dormant chicken pox which makes me think I must have had it. Is anyone able to shed any light? I really don't want to tell my family about the pregnancy as I had an mc around 6-7 weeks earlier on this year.

DinoSnores Fri 25-Dec-15 08:37:40

NHS advice:

The fact that you have had shingles shows that you have had chicken pox and you would be expected to be immune.

dementedpixie Fri 25-Dec-15 08:39:58

Yes if you have had shingles you must have had chicken pox in the past so would be expected to be immune to chicken pox

toohardtothinkofaname Fri 25-Dec-15 10:54:58

And it's very rare to get shingles more than once

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