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Anyone had foot / ankle injury in pregnancy?

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Luckygirlcharlie Thu 24-Dec-15 20:23:27

29 weeks with DS2. Fell down bottom 2 stairs 5 days ago and landed on foot bent inwards. I guess the extra weight of being pg plus the fact I was carrying a heavy toddler (who's fine!) and the fact that your ligaments are soft and over stretchy at this stage of pregnancy, all contributed to a horrific sprain/strain. A&E were pretty sure there's no broken bone but couldn't be 100% without doing further X-rays. Anyway 5 days on, it's still swollen and badly bruised all over and there's no way I can put any weight on it. Bloody great with the whole family coming for Christmas. We're going away for New Year's Eve too and I so want to be ok for that even if limping. It's just killing me using these crutches and crawling up and down stairs. Aaaagh! Also hate the fact that I can't do anything for ds. Anyone had this and how long did it take before you could walk/hobble? Oh and happy Christmas!

Strawberries76 Thu 24-Dec-15 22:11:49

Oh I feel for you - I did the same although it was earlier in pregnancy- maybe 15 weeks?

Did you go for the further X-rays? Sounds like a nasty sprain if you still can't weight bear at all.

Ligaments are more lax and if you've had a tendency to sprain your ankle before it can happen again...I was advised to rest completely for 3 days - not easy obviously, and then gently mobilise. I have to say it was a good few weeks before it was totally better- I saw a Physio privately after a couple of weeks as I felt it wasn't improving v quickly- the exercises were good, but I think it just takes time. Hope you still can enjoy Christmas! Take it as easy as you can. Definitely go back to get it reviewed if you're not seeing improvement.

Cuppachaplz Thu 24-Dec-15 22:31:00

Big hugs, and wishing you better soon.

I was knocked off my bike at 29w and the car continued back trapping my foot under the bike wheel. A&he thought it was broken at the time but reluctant to X-ray (and keen to get me to anc as losing flying/no movements, but they would see me until a&e said ok). They gave me s gimp boot and prescribed rest. No crutches given (I had carpal tunnel too do v grateful), but rest really helped-is this an option for you?
X-ray after delivery confirmed the fracture, which was healed (wonky) by then.
My point was that they seemed pretty good at guessing if broken without X-rays.

Hoping the rest of your pregnancy goes more smoothly X

CorporeSarnie Thu 24-Dec-15 22:54:42

cuppa! Long time no see smile (I was on the posifrikintivity freds at similar time). I broke foot falling one step at 14 weeks, had highly targeted x-rays with a lead apron which confirmed break. Was given crutches which I struggled with, and a shoe thing, and managed to talk my employers into giving me a temp disabled permit so I could get away with not much walking. Was v painful for about 2 weeks, but dealing with it with no meds definitely more painful than labour. You have my sympathy, it WILL get better soon flowers.

Luckygirlcharlie Fri 25-Dec-15 14:43:31

Thanks all. I had an X-ray at Chelsea & Westminster - consultant said fine as long as I wore he lead apron which I obviously did. Radiographer also said its a brand new machine with very low doses of radiation and little or no scatter. Still worried about it though :-(. Anyway they said they couldn't be totally sure it wasn't broken but they didn't think it was so treated it as severe sprain and as such I have nothing on it at all. No booty thing or strap or anything. Bit worried that if it is a break it will heal funny and give me permanent issues. Don't want more X-rays though. Day 6 today and def can't put any weight on it. It also KILLS when I take it from an elevated position to a hanging down position as all blood and fluid goes back into it. Like knives all over over my foot! Did you have that? Poor hubby having to look after DS and prep dinner for 9! Fortunately both sets of parents on their way to help! I so want to be able to walk - even with one crutch - when we go away next week. Nice country place so planned to have nice walks. I realise that's now out but do you think I'll be able to hobble a bit? 31st will be 12 days post injury.... Will also be 30 weeks by then so even heavier! Sorry to be pathetic! X

CorporeSarnie Fri 25-Dec-15 16:48:28

Yy, OP, I remember hearing when I went to the loo in the night and my dangling foot hit the radiator. Burning pain like a total MF. Keep the rice (rest, ice, elevation) going, not sure if compression bandages are useful for a bad sprain, but go to GP our ask for a trauma team referral if you're struggling. The X-ray dose is tiny, probably less than an intercontinental flight (which I also had to go at 20 wks, limping through security). I stayed off foot and work for 2 weeks, was signed off for 6 but crawling the walls by about day 10. I found propping my foot up to sleep as well as when sitting useful to stop so much pain. The first week was the worst, but it doesn't help much that you're getting bigger. Take as much time off your feet as you can now, you have more than enough excuses, you're pregnant and badly injured, give yourself a break flowerscakebrew

CorporeSarnie Fri 25-Dec-15 16:49:11

Hearing = howling blush

BikeRunSki Fri 25-Dec-15 17:08:09

I have never sprained my ankle when pg, but have sprained it 6 times (same one) all together. A bad sprain can be lot worse than a break, and the symptoms you are describing are fairly typical for 5 days post-injury. I'd definitely recommend a private physio when the swelling goes down.

Luckygirlcharlie Sat 26-Dec-15 10:50:00

Thanks everyone. Sweeping definitely reducing but pain not. Also the skin where it's been swollen is so sore - feels burnt. My mum said it's where the skin has been stretched. Did that happen to anyone? Thanks! Feeling slightly more hopeful today! X

gillyweed Sat 26-Dec-15 10:57:39

Same as above, never sprained when pregnant but have a recurring sprain in my right ankle. Got physio for my first pregnancy as I was so worried about doing it when I got big, did make a difference bit I've been terrible at keeping up the exercises.

Disclaimer: I have no medical training what so ever. All docs I've seen have said a bad sprain can feel worse than a break, they've also made it quite clear it will feel worse I'd you don't keep using it! Lots of rest and ice (and I like a tubi grip) but try to walk on it as in my experience it heals quicker.

Picklesauage Sat 26-Dec-15 14:36:36

This could be me! I fell down the last few stairs at 32 weeks pregnant. I stretched out my ankle to a category 4 sprain. Very very swollen and painful. Couldn't weight bare for nearly 2 weeks. Had to be careful for another 3 after that. It wasn't easy as I had a 3 year old too.

Luckygirlcharlie Sat 26-Dec-15 16:58:04

Agh really? Two weeks? Jeez. Went back to A&E today and they did another xray. Assured me that radiation is less than a flight to Spain and that's without the lead apron plus I'm quite tall so ankle is pretty far from babe! Def no break and they wouldn't tell me what category sprain but she said it was a serious one. The burn is from putting cold pack on skin which I though I'd been carful about! What an eejit! Got a moon boot but still can't weight bear. Hopefully by 31st pleeeeease God! Thanks everyone. Hope your Christmases were all merry and injury free smile

Luckygirlcharlie Wed 06-Jan-16 22:34:07

God. So today - 2 weeks and 4 days later - um finally able to gobble about on moon boot without crutches and swelling gone right down. Started to feel hopeful. I then had an apptment at the hospital this morning where they told me there IS a broken bone. FFS. Had to have another bloody X-ray - a ct scan this time - as the consultant said he might have to operate. I burst into tears. His beside manner was crap to say the least. Said that subject to results of the cat scan he would operate now rather than waiting for after the birth. Under general anesthetic. Will tell me tomorrow!! I mean wtf? Obviously unless absolutely crucial to my long term ability to walk I'm not going under a GA for a trivial op. It's only 8 more weeks til the baby will be here anyway. I just don't understand why he'd say all that. Sorry to ramble. Any experiences welcome! Sigh.

Luckygirlcharlie Wed 06-Jan-16 22:35:27

Sorry for typos. Hobble not gobble! Not gobbling much - too depressed!

mawbroon Wed 06-Jan-16 22:47:30

I had orthopaedic surgery on my broken ankle at 34 weeks pregnant. They wouldn't give me a GA so had it done with a spinal.

The bone healed in 8 weeks, but the tissue damage took a lot longer. It was a couple of months after getting out of my moonboot before I was able to walk normally and confidently. Hopefully not the same for you x

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