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Looking very pregnant at 11 weeks

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Missingcaffeine Thu 24-Dec-15 06:25:27

That's it really, just that I feel enormous and my baggy clothes feel tight and I'm only 11 weeks. I know people are looking at me and thinking I'm pregnant as I notice them glancing at my tummy, but thankfully nobody has dared ask. I just feel very self-conscious and I'm seeing lots of friends and family over the next week, but I don't really want everyone knowing until I've had my scan, but I haven't even got a scan date yet. I've close family and my bestie who agrees I look pregnant.
It's my second, and my tight clothes stopped fitting me at 9 weeks with my first, but I feel much much bigger this time.

DisneyMillie Thu 24-Dec-15 07:38:46

I was obviously pregnant this time round before my 12 week scan - close friends asked. It's a bit annoying but part of having a second I think. I'm feeling whale like at 19 weeks but hoping it will slow down in the second half!!

insideout Thu 24-Dec-15 08:48:03

Yes definitely showing earlier this time (no.3) was in maternity trousers from about 10 weeks, have lost 3kg since getting pg, thanks to morning sickness, but still huge bloated stomach, i spoke to the obs consultant (whinged) and she said it was very common in subsequent pregnancies

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