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Heavenscent86 Wed 23-Dec-15 21:20:37

Hi ladies. I'm currently 25 weeks pregnant and my baby seems to be sitting quite low. All baby's kicks are low and I often feel a lot of pressure in my pelvic area like baby's just going to fall out. I saw the midwife yesterday. Didn't think to ask about this of course. Baby is head down and not engaged which I wouldn't expect at the moment anyway. But is it normal for baby to be so low and causing pressure so early in pregnancy? It's really quite uncomfortable. Oh also it's not all the time but does seem to be a preferred position.

Oysterbabe Wed 23-Dec-15 22:19:06

Mine was low at 25w. Sitting pretty high now at 34 though.

tinyme135 Wed 23-Dec-15 23:54:53

my LO was head down and low from around then so I know how you feel op. I'm now 37 and he's getting lower and having the wonderful 'fanny daggers'. hopefully you don't have to suffer with the pain till the end.

Heavenscent86 Thu 24-Dec-15 07:32:26

I hope not too. Keeping my fingers crossed baby will decide to move up at some point. I don't remember my daughter sitting so low so I was starting to wonder about this little one lol. Glad to hear other people's babies have been the same.

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