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Minniemouse94 Wed 23-Dec-15 15:52:35

My bubba has been moving today, not much but he defiantly has been, I ha e a gut feeling something is wrong but then every kick I believe there isn't, is it possible for babies to still have lazy days at 25 weeks? Or to get into funny positions that you can't really feel?
Thank you in advance smile X

FizzyFeet Wed 23-Dec-15 16:24:16

I think at this stage it is possible that the baby might be kicking towards your back rather than out the front, which would mean you feel it less. Or having a quiet day! My midwife recommends that if you are unsure, drink a glass of something cold and sugary and lie on your side for two hours - you should feel 10 kicks in that time. If you are really worried, though, phone your midwife or maternity assessment unit - they will take you seriously so don't worry about wasting their time.

Minniemouse94 Wed 23-Dec-15 16:28:19

Thank you! I'll get my partner to buy me a cold sugary drink lol.
I'm such a worry head! I kept waking up last night worrying as I couldn't feel the baby, but I never usually do in the night haha. But thank you so much

hellsdells82 Wed 23-Dec-15 16:52:30

Im 26 +4 today and my baby does this. Although this one is a fidget and does give a good strong belter with its feet (or even fists) sometimes baby decides that its had enough of moving and will have a quiet few hours and quiet night. Till approx 4am...where i need a pee and then baby wakes up. If im ever a bit concerned i usually have a cold drink or ice cream amd prop myself of my side,sometimes a lil prod (poor baby) or even music wakes (him/her). If youve not felt anything or have onmy felt a couple of slight movements amd are still worried then go and get checked.
Most midwives would rather you got checked a thousand times and all be fine than not once and something be wrong.

Flowers and hugs for you xx flowers

Minniemouse94 Wed 23-Dec-15 16:56:40

Ive tried the sugary cold drink, he's just still belting off the few soft moves lol.
I spoke to my partner and he said he's sure everything is fine, (and usually he's worried, he's 36 and it's his first baby after years of thinking he couldn't have kids lol) but I think it's where I've been busy for the past few days that now I can relax, I'm worrying lol. Thank you thou, I don't want to ring the midwives as I spoke to my midwife last week and she said its normal for babies to slow down, she said its 28 weeks onwards that they tend to worry x

43percentburnt Wed 23-Dec-15 17:03:33

Sorry, but sugar is apparently wrong, I rang the hospital at 26 weeks for reduced movement (last month, UK) they said do not drink anything sugary as sugar will perk up anyone briefly even if they are really sick. They also said under 28 weeks is hard to monitor, but come in. I did all was fine.

If you are concerned call the maternity unit. There is no way your dp, midwife or we could know that your baby is well without you being checked. Please go to the hospital. Take care.

sepa Wed 23-Dec-15 18:02:45

My baby has quiet days still and I'm 28 weeks. If your worried though get it checked out

1frenchfoodie Wed 23-Dec-15 21:45:54

If you say 'he's just still belting off the few soft moves' is he regularly moving? The ferocity isn't important and will be affected by placenta placement and how baby is facing.

Minniemouse94 Wed 23-Dec-15 22:35:50

It was a few every 20-30 minutes. He's back to normal now lol

Iammad Thu 24-Dec-15 12:27:39

And babys do not slow down, infact they gradualy move more up to 32 weeks then the movements seem to stay the same until birth.
Have a look at count the kicks website.

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