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Suddenly got the sugar cravings! 33 weeks what's going on?

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Holly34 Wed 23-Dec-15 13:15:13

Yesterday I just got overly emotional in the evening and then craving something sweet.. went down to local shop at 9.40pm in my PINK PJs (what was I thinking? I did not care) and I grabbed two doughnuts with vanilla fillings (had them both.. at home obviously) and I bought a Swiss roll which I have never had during my pregnancy. hmm

Bad news the swiss roll is nearly have finished and I am scared to keep indulging myself to this weird craving!! I have not indulged in anything during the pregnancy (which is odd as I usually do indulge) I have been very scared to get diabetes which I tested negative to last week.

Could there be a sudden urge to fulfill my emotional state of mind or the body now needs to store the fat? cake

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