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Am I?

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jaime123 Wed 23-Dec-15 12:48:32

Does this look like a positive result?

Iammad Wed 23-Dec-15 12:51:04

Yep thats your positive smile

bsmirched Wed 23-Dec-15 12:58:11

Oh yes definitely, as long as that appeared in the proper time. Congratulations!

Holly34 Wed 23-Dec-15 13:29:55

I got the same result when I used a very well branded pharmacy pregnancy test I was so happy but wanted to be sure so went back to them.

The odd woman helping with the prescriptions said it was defiantly a negative and that I was not pregnant, I was quite sad by this. The odd woman went on to ask if we were trying to conceive and for some reason I did not like her aura I said no we wasn't it was like she wanted to hear the disappointment in my voice, I just didn't give her the pleasure.

I have however since then felt like going back in there to tell her the test was positive I am now 33+ weeks pregnant the test result is positive. She didn't advise me to take another test, how unprofessional?

Best wishes flowers do another test in a week and defo an early morning one smile it will be a lot more clearer.

sepa Wed 23-Dec-15 13:50:33

As long as it appeared in the time frame then that is a clear positive

bippitybopityboo Thu 24-Dec-15 05:37:19

That's how mine looked on that same test and now I'm 10 weeks 4 days what a lovely Christmas present! smileflowers

Hurr1cane Thu 24-Dec-15 05:45:58

Definitely a clear positive. The evaporation lines aren't pink they're grey. The lines only turn pink with the hormone.

jaime123 Thu 24-Dec-15 09:47:34

Congratulations bippity. Thanks all. Now to enjoy my daughters first and only Christmas as an only and to hide it from family!

Hurr1cane Thu 24-Dec-15 13:36:12

That's easy. Just go all PFB and say you aren't drinking because you want to remember every detail of her first Christmas. People are funny about things like that so they'll shrug it off

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