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Minniemouse94 Wed 23-Dec-15 09:00:23

I've just woken up in such a worry! I don't know if it was a dream or what but I've convinced myself I've not felt my little boy move for quite a while! I know he did yesterday day time, but from about 9pm onwards I'm just not sure.
What shall I do?? I'm sick of worrying but don't want to ring mw incase it was a dream, lol.

25 weeks.

SleepyRoo Wed 23-Dec-15 09:04:26

Drink a glass of cold water or juice, recline and wait for 20 mins...

Junosmum Wed 23-Dec-15 09:53:29

As above, but when resting put your hands on your belly. Sometimes I can feel the movement on the outside but not in me iyswim.

BifsWif Wed 23-Dec-15 09:55:45

As above. Midwives don't usually ask you to count movements until 28 weeks as baby can get into all sorts of positions that mean you don't feel movement.

If a cold fizzy drink and lying on your side don't work, give your labour ward a call - they'll be happy to see you x

sepa Wed 23-Dec-15 10:23:52

Do you usually feel bubs at night? I very rarely feel anything after 10pm!
As others have said - something cold to drink and something sweet to eat and see if you can get little one to move

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