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Waters broken at 28 weeks - scared

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treehousethunderstorm Wed 23-Dec-15 04:11:45

I'm on the ward at the hospital trying to sleep. Waters broke at 9pm last night when went to toilet, with blood. Still bleeding and feeling scared and alone. Babys heartbeat is ok, no labour pains as yet. Need reassurance. sad

Holly34 Wed 23-Dec-15 04:57:35

Ohh sweetheart you will be fine. At least your in safe hands x my OH is working long hours I am in another country away from home I just found out the nearest hospital from me is 20 mins drive!! that's crazy imagine if I broke my waters!! You will be fine and soon it will be all reassured we will hear good news soon smile

33 +3 weeks

Wait4nothing Wed 23-Dec-15 05:11:09

Sending warm wishes - your in the best possible place now and they will do everything to make sure you and your baby are ok. From another who can't sleep tonight (21w6d) - keep thinking happy thoughts

HJBeans Wed 23-Dec-15 05:18:40

No useful reassurance, but nighttime hand holding and lots of sympathy. As said above, you're in the best place and everyone around you will be doing all they can to make sure you and baby are as safe as possible.

prettyflowers111 Wed 23-Dec-15 06:04:06

Oh hunny I'm thinking of you. If it's any comfort when I was pregnant with my first I was admitted with early labour at 34 weeks and the lady in the bed next to me had her waters go at 30 weeks and she was then 36 + something in to be induced. They obviously monitored her very very closely and watched for infection but they managed to keep baby in for all that time! Thinking of you, please keep us updated xxx

GoApeShit Wed 23-Dec-15 06:13:21

You're in the best place, but I can imagine how terrifying this is for you. flowers

My nephew was born at 28 weeks, tiny little thing. But his mum, like you, made sure she was being well looked after and he is now a very happy and healthy 2 year old. You'd never know he arrived a little early smile

treehousethunderstorm Wed 23-Dec-15 06:29:34

Thank you very much everyone, managed about 30 mins sleep. I know that i'm in the best place - its the never ending worry thoughts and fears driving me crazy, wish i has been a little more prepared, was going to start getting everything together ready for baby after christmas.

GoApeShit Wed 23-Dec-15 06:41:10

What's their plan for you, treehouse. Just sit tight and be monitored? Keeping everything crossed for you and your baby.

tinyme135 Wed 23-Dec-15 07:27:20

my OH aunty had her water's break at 28 weeks. he now has a 11 yo cousin. like people have said you're in safe hands now so try not to worry. what have they said they're going to do?

Wishfulmakeupping Wed 23-Dec-15 07:31:52

OP that must be so scary. Have you got good support with you or coming to visit you today?
Don't worry about having everything ready now wait and see what their plan is for you.
Have you ate/drank enough? You probably don't feel like it but it will help you when you're a bag of nerves just settle you a bit x

StrawberryLeaf Wed 23-Dec-15 07:32:43

How scary for you, you are I the best place now. Don't worry about the preparation for the baby, despite what mothercare would have us believe they realty don't need much! Yugoslavia your baby is early he/she is likely to need to stay in hospital for a wee while.

Hope you got some sleep

StrawberryLeaf Wed 23-Dec-15 07:33:54

Don't know why there's a random Yugoslav in my post smile

Champagneformyrealfriends Wed 23-Dec-15 07:38:57

Oh treehouse please try and rest-the hospital will take great care of you. Lots of hugs flowers

treehousethunderstorm Wed 23-Dec-15 08:42:49

Just waiting to be hooked up to monitor before being seen by a doctor. Haven't had any more clots just light bleeding so hope thats a good sign. Also having a second steriod shot in preparation of baby making an appearance. Hoping a private room will become available at some point today as ladies are discharged so can get some sleep. DH allowed in after 9 so at least will have some handholding then. Thank you all for your kind words

Bovnydazzler Wed 23-Dec-15 09:12:53

How scary for you, really hope everything goes okay, you stay infection free so baby can stay in there a little longer. You've done great already to get the steroid shots, that will be so helpful if baby makes an appearance soon.

Hawest1 Wed 23-Dec-15 09:17:49

Oh babe! U have loads of support here & most likely with family etc too.
Near enough the exact same thing happened to a friend of mine & She gave birth a week later, DS was very weak & tiny, spent God knows how long in hospital but he is now a beautiful bouncing 1&half year old, he's still teeny but he's alive & healthy!! Keep positive, I know that may seem impossible right now & U will be scared but a lot more babies survive being early these days.
Good luck for when the time comes, sending u much love ❤️

prettyflowers111 Wed 23-Dec-15 09:18:20

Ooft I don't envy you the steroid shots... nasty hateful things but they're what you need. Sit tight and try to relax. Can oh bring in some books/tablet/colouring etc to keep you busy? Keeping everything crossed that baby stays happy xxx

aimees75 Wed 23-Dec-15 09:29:28

Sending you lots of handholding. Maybe your DH can bring you a few things from home to make you feel a bit less lonely, a picture or two, a pillow, some mags/books and iPad. It's amazing how much less sterile the hospital environment feels with a few personal touches. My friends boy was born at 26.4 weeks and is absolutely fine bar the occasional bout of croup due to the effects of the breathing support. He's now nearly 5 btw. Big hug xx

Itjusthappened Wed 23-Dec-15 09:39:09

This has happened to me 2 out of 3 pregnancies. My first broke at 23 weeks and I went into labour at 29 weeks. He weighed 2lb11oz and he's in high school now. The second time, my water broke at 29 weeks and I went into labour a week later. He weighed 3lb 14oz and is 14 months now. They are both absolutely fine. I'm presuming they've given you steroid injections? Once they're in and taken effect, the chances of baby being ok, increase amazingly! It's good that you haven't gone into labour straight away too.
If you're on Facebook, there's a page called Neomates UK. It's a page for mums and dads who have had or are about to have a premature baby. there are a couple of neonatal nurses and a neonatal consultant on it too. It's invaluable for advice as everyone on there has been through what you're likely to go through soon.
If you want to chat more, feel free to inbox me.
Good luck xx

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