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38 weeks... nervous about seeing all Xmas relatives and getting ill before birth!

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Bovnydazzler Wed 23-Dec-15 04:02:09

Happy to admit I'm totally worrying about what probably won't happen...
However I am 38 weeks pregnant with DC2. DC1 came at 39+4.

We're due to see loads of relatives over the Christmas period (12 people on Xmas day, staying with a different set of 8 people for a few days afterwards).

Whilst I'm really looking forward to the festivities before baby comes... I'm nervous, in most prior years there is always at least one person who'll turn up with a cold.

Whilst I know colds can be picked up anywhere (especially with toddler dS1) I'm paranoid it's likely going to happen due to all the meet ups! I've prepped my DH already to advise that we will be phoning before staying at relatives to check everyone is well before we go to stay (1.25 hour journey). It will probably cause a little offence but I'm willing to accept this!

Has anyone gone into labour with cold etc? Was it irrelevant or miserable? And was newborn baby okay?

Lisad1975 Wed 23-Dec-15 05:43:39

You are not being paranoid! I would be asking the same ! However
Personally I think you are nuts to be doing such stuff at this late stage ! Sod everyone else - I would be taking it easy and sitting in a car for that long at 38 weeks - really ?!
Anyway my dd came at 37 weeks and I had a dreadful cold the last week of pg which was actually a chest infection I didn't know - hospital put me on iv antibiotics after emcs .
Baby was absolutely fine!
Please take it easy!

GoApeShit Wed 23-Dec-15 06:20:50

You'll be fine. Your baby will be fine. Relax and enjoy your Christmas.

Bovnydazzler Wed 23-Dec-15 09:16:04

Hmm I'm starting to think twice about the staying with relatives, but they are my in laws and know they would be gutted if they didn't get to see our DS over Xmas. I'd send DS and DH on their own but think I want to be close to DH in case anything happens, also know I wouldn't be expected to lift a finger for a few days that we are there. Just crossed fingers they are all infection free!

Oysterbabe Thu 24-Dec-15 08:51:59

I'm probably missing something, what's the issue with labouring when you have a cold?
I come in to contact with hundreds of people daily and would have to never leave the house to avoid the infected. I don't get ill often but just a cold has never really worried me or stopped me doing anything.

Bovnydazzler Sat 26-Dec-15 05:44:28

Well we had a fab Xmas day with no sign of illness from relatives, but my toddler since 3am tonight has developed a sudden bad cough (sounds like croup) and laboured breathing. He was on great form Xmas day although did seem to lose his voice a little by the end of the day.

Really hoping this baby stays in a week whilst toddler's cough goes, really don't want me (and particularly newborn) getting it! I don't think coughing will help pregnancy/after birth continence and a bit scared for newborns breathing! Crossed fingers baby is late this time round!

lozengeoflove Sat 26-Dec-15 16:35:36

I went into labour with DD with a stinking cold. Came out labour totally fine. She didn't get my cold. All was well.
Am now in bed with temp, coughing like a hag, with a cold I caught from her. She's running around downstairs with daddy and the cat!

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