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maz254 Wed 23-Dec-15 02:20:24


I really need some advice because I feel like I am going out of my mind. I found out on the 2nd of dec at a 6 week scan that I had a mmc, I knew it wasnt going well because i kept having pains and my symptoms was fading. I had a d&c on monday 7th of dec. The same day, me and my partner had unprotected sex, I know we shouldnt have, but I felt fine, and we wanted to feel close I guess. The rest of the week, my symptoms went and my fatigue subsided I felt quite energetic... we had sex again over a few days in the past week or so... and out of no where the past few days I am starting to have my usual early pregnancy signs.. metalic taste in my mouth, extra saliva, gone of certain foods again etc boobs are starting to tingle... I done pregnancy tests and they all came up positive.

I went to my doctors who straight away sent me to hospital because he said I should not be experiencing symptoms 2 weeks after a d&c.

I am booked in for a scan tomorrow, the hospital refused to give me blood tests as their pregnancy test also showed up positive.

I am so nervous and dont know what to think or say or do... is it possible to be pregnant this soon?

any reassurance and words of advice would be great and appriciated xx

GoApeShit Wed 23-Dec-15 06:24:53

I'm no expert, but Im not sure ovulation occurs that soon after a MC? Also if you've only had sex over the past week then it's quite early for symptoms to show. The scan would also show pretty much nothing at this stage if it's a new pregnancy.

It took me two, almost three, weeks to get a negative test after my MC so chances are these tests are sadly still showing positive from your last pregnancy.

I really hope you get some answers soon.

Jw35 Wed 23-Dec-15 07:32:26

It's not too early for symptoms, I always know from about 4dpo! However I'm a bit confused on dates. 7th of dec you had the d&c? So that makes you cd16? Surely you would have ovulated around day 14? (As if it's a normal period) I'm confused?
Also yes you can get pregnant the month after a mc, I did!

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