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I'm 36 weeks, toddler unsettled - anyone had this?

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Blerg Mon 21-Dec-15 09:37:21

Just that really. I am 36 weeks, toddler seems worried about going to sleep, waking up around 10pm and wanting me generally (not Daddy). I'm wondering if she has picked up on the atmosphere around new baby coming. She is 26 months old and seems excited about the baby - asking when it is coming, brining it things etc, but at night seems unsettled, which is new behaviour.

I don't think I am unduly stressed, though I am worried about the birth, have been a little emotional and am tired. Trying my best to shield l her from this of course.

Anyone had this - any recommendations? I am worried about how I will cope with the clingy emotional toddler whose sleep has gone downhill and a newborn!

BadgerFace Mon 21-Dec-15 11:44:13

I am 37 weeks and my nearly 3 year old has definitely picked up that things are about to change and is waking lots in the night at the moment after months of sleeping through until at least 6am - it's hard!

No tips I'm afraid, just solidarity. I am clinging on to the hope that so many friends have told me that life with a newborn and a toddler is easier in so many ways than being heavily pregnant with a toddler, despite the sleep deprivation... I have terrible pregnancy insomnia so at least once the baby is here I'll have something to do/someone to talk to at 4am!

Blerg Mon 21-Dec-15 14:31:43

That sound very similar - we have fought for ages to get DD to 6am and now suddenly she had regressed! Solidarity and sympathies to you too Badger. I am pinning hopes on having a shred of energy despite sleep deprivation too.

Duchess007 Mon 21-Dec-15 17:01:03

I feel your pain! Am overdue with DC2 and my 2yr old has suddenly become very unsettled. I have spent months sorting out her bedtime routine and she has been settling herself to sleep and sleeping through for the last couple of months no problem. All of a sudden, just as the baby is due, she is like a different child! Gets upset and frustrated at the smallest thing, seems to want to do the opposite of everything I ask, and bedtime has become a battle! Am seriously questioning my ability to cope with two children now! I am hoping that, like most things, it's just a phase, but why does it feel like she knows the birth is imminent and is punishing me for having another child?! confused

scaryg Mon 21-Dec-15 18:14:51

Same here, 4yo DD has not been happy going to sleep at night since I was about 20 weeks (am now 31). She's also take to getting out of bed and coming into me in the middle of the night, which she's never done before. I used to settle her back down and go back to bed now I stay with her (she has a small double as we used to co-sleep). She gets very irrate if Daddy tries to get her settled, so we're going for path of least resistance at the moment.

BadgerFace Mon 21-Dec-15 18:36:11

I think they just know, don't they? My DD has always been a complete daddy's girl. She went through a phase of crying if I picked her up from nursery as I was not daddy (bit embarrassing as she'd be happily playing until she saw my face!) and now with 2 weeks to go she suddenly wants Mummy for the first time in her life...!

Blerg Mon 21-Dec-15 18:50:51

Thanks all. So glad not just us but sorry for your pain of course! I hope it will pass eventually. I was expecting behavioural changes, but post birth!

Mawsymoo Mon 21-Dec-15 21:40:10

Slightly different here as DS is only 18 months and has very limited understanding about the fact that there's a baby coming, but I'm 35 weeks and for the past 2-3 weeks he has been stuck to me like a limpet. We're still going to nursery/work as normal so it's not like anything had changed yet. He's waking at 11.30/12 every night and crying until I take him into bed with me. It's all a bit worrying...

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