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Accidental Ibuprofen at 34 weeks

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MermaidVsSailor Sun 20-Dec-15 13:27:04

Just looking for some advice/reassurance really.

Since week 14(ish), I've had on/off gallbladder attacks. Usually I just take paracetamol and after about 2 hours of complete agony, they die down a bit and I'll just be a bit sore the next day. Last night I had another attack and took what I thought was paracetamol (I was tired, already unwell and in a lot of pain so I stupidly didn't properly check it), I took 2x 2 tablets in the night and another 2 this morning, so 6 tablets all together in 24 hours. I've just realised they were ibuprofen and now I'm feeling beyond guilty and a bit worried.
The NHS website says "frequent doses" is dangerous, but an "occasional" one shouldn't do much harm if you've already taken them... but what constitutes a "frequent" dose?! I don't know what to do. I'm quite an anxious person anyway and reading the damage that can be caused by ibuprofen has really got to me.
Should I be ringing my maternity ward? Going straight there? Leaving it and seeing how I get on? My midwife never replies to me or else I'd ask her.
Baby was moving all of last night and this morning plus I've felt some movements since my last dose at 1pm today which has calmed me slightly, but any advice would be much appreciated!

scaredmum2be Sun 20-Dec-15 13:46:47

I'm not to sure. I took some in the 1st trimester without knowing/realising you where not meant to. If your very worried give someone who will answer a call as its so much better than worrying all day smile. I think all should be ok though but best to get advice if your very worried

MermaidVsSailor Sun 20-Dec-15 13:49:31

I think I'm just a bit overtired and worrying too much, though can't be much harm in giving Maternity a call later on I guess. I'll call them when I'm in less pain smile

AhhhhABaby Sun 20-Dec-15 21:52:32

How did you get on mermaidvssailor? Did you call maternity? Hoping everything's okay xx

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