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Baby movements !

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hazellnut56 Sun 20-Dec-15 10:05:51

Morning all I'm 30+4 and baby kicking and squirming like a goodun (today!) yesterday and every few days periodically little one doesn't to be moving as much and it really freaks me out, I know they say if any reduced movements go to see your midwife etc but after some jigging about and lying on different sides I get a little something which puts my mind at ease just wanted to know if it's normal for baby to have "lazier" days ?! Thanks all! X

Me624 Sun 20-Dec-15 10:32:47

I am 29+2 and my little one definitely has quieter days and more active days. Also i think when I am very busy I just don't notice it as much.

BexusSugarush Sun 20-Dec-15 11:59:30

Try not to worry too much; babies do have lazy days, active days. I find that after finding space for a large takeaway pizza, baby barely moves for an entire day. She didn't actually settle into a proper routine until about 36 weeks so I was in and out of the antenatal assessment unit worried about her movements!

It can depend on how baby is lying, also. Do call the midwife if you're worried but there are many things you can try to get baby moving: drink a cold drink, lie on your right side with your hand on left side of belly. I often find that resting heavy things (like a book/glass of drink) on where baby is lying gets her moving.

I hope you don't get too stressed out over this - just stop what you're doing for an hour and relax if you're worried. You should find that baby starts up again. And look forward to the day when baby doesn't stop kicking, therefore you don't sleep, can't eat etc.. oh the joys of pregnancy! smile

hazellnut56 Sun 20-Dec-15 12:27:04

Thank you both! Its comforting to know that they have lazier times, getting very excited for due date now! 😀😀 xx

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