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Non-alcoholic drinks for Christmas

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CrispsAndChoc Sun 20-Dec-15 09:04:41

Just making a shopping list for Christmas and struggling with drinks for myself! I normally drink wine or sparkling wine but as I'm 32 weeks, can't this year and would like something a bit special! What is everyone drinking over the Christmas period? Does anyone have any recommendations for non-alcoholic wine? Or does anyone have any nice alternatives for a festive drink? I have been drinking elderflower cordial with fizzy water which is refreshing and a good alternative.

Junosmum Sun 20-Dec-15 09:09:25

There are plenty of nice none alcoholic beers- erdinger, Nanny state by brew dog and Becks blue. I also make mulled wine with none alcoholic red wine and mulled cider with 0% kopperberg.

frikadela01 Sun 20-Dec-15 09:11:29

The alcohol free koppaberg is quite nice.

1frenchfoodie Sun 20-Dec-15 09:11:36

I like Big Tom spiced tomato juice - that stuff is so good it is virgin maries all the way post pregnancy too. It is a bit filling though so I have mainly passed on to tonic water and robinsons pink grapefruit squash - topped up with grapefruit juice if I have it. It has the sparkle tang I like in a G&T and with diet tonic doesn't mean 100s of empty calories if drunk all night.

mellmumma Sun 20-Dec-15 09:11:42

I was really pleased in Tesco yesterday as they were all on offer!

schloer was 2 for £2, appletiser was half price and can really recommend J20 Spritz sparkling apple & watermelon... yummy!! Becks Blu is also alright for a beer (stay away from the non alchoholic Cobra!) Looking forward to non alchoholic Koppaberg next summer when heavily preggers!

Also Sainsbury's non alcoholic sparkling wine did the trick at my xmas party, felt good to pop a bottle, and I drank tonic with lots of ice and lime prentending it was gin for the rest of the night.

Always thought I would struggle with the not drinking thing, especially this time of year but so many good alternatives!

wonkylegs Sun 20-Dec-15 09:18:17

I've just bought myself a load of different drinks for Christmas.
I have pelligrano - sparkling grapefruit, sparkling blood orange and sparkling mango & pomegranate.
Bundaberg - ginger beer (gorgeous), sparkling pink grapefruit.
Fentimens - tonic water
Fevertree - elderflower tonic, tonic water & ginger beer
Grenadine syrup
So far they are all yummy.

babybat Sun 20-Dec-15 09:23:00

M&S do a good low-alcohol Czech beer (it's around 0.3 units per bottle), and their sparkling apple juice is lovely and even has a cork to pop! Also SchweppesSchweppes have a fizzy pink grapefruit drink which is nice. A glass of posh tonic water with Angostura bitters also feels suitably grown-up and makes a change.

SparklyTinselTits Sun 20-Dec-15 09:28:44

One of the chefs at the hotel where I work has been making a beautiful winter Pimms could do it minus the Pimms smile
This is the recipe:
Apple Juice
Cranberry Juice
Purple Grape juice
Cinnamon sticks, or ground cinnamon
Star anise
Fresh strawberries
Sliced Apple
All booked up like mulled wine.
It's yummy yummy....and I don't even like mulled wine usually!

SparklyTinselTits Sun 20-Dec-15 09:29:20

Boiled not booked blush

toohardtothinkofaname Sun 20-Dec-15 09:42:23

M&S do lovely sparkling drinks ranging from elderflower to winter spice & apple etc. They come in champagne looking bottles too 😄 happy Christmas!

LouLou030783 Sun 20-Dec-15 09:42:58

The non alcoholic koppareberg are nice xx

Runningupthathill82 Sun 20-Dec-15 10:58:37

I can't bear anything sickly sweet, so find the non-alcoholic wine and non-alcoholic Koppaberg undrinkable.

IMO Erdinger, Veltins and Nanny State are decent non-alcoholic beers. Bitburger Drive is ok-ish. Becks Blue and Cobra are foul.

Aside from that, I quite like just drinking sparkling water. Or tonic with lime so I can pretend it's a G&T...

Oysterbabe Sun 20-Dec-15 11:00:00

DH bought me these in IKEA. I love mulled wine and cider so a good alternative.

madsaz76 Sun 20-Dec-15 11:24:09

The gentian range is great - I love rose lemonade and ginger beer.

M&S do a mile fruit juice which is nice warm.

I've given up on fake alcohol and just try to find nice drinks instead

YouAndMeAreGoingToFallOut Sun 20-Dec-15 11:29:57

I think I'm the only person in the world who likes non-alcoholic Cobra: I sometime used to drink it before I was pregnant blushIt doesn't taste anything like alcoholic Cobra, or like any beer on earth really, but I like the strange malty flavour.

M&S do a really nice sparkling Normandy apple juice which tastes like cider and isn't very sweet.

tappitytaptap Sun 20-Dec-15 12:00:15

Oysterbabe the non alcoholic mulled wine from ikea is yummy isn't it! I also like flavoured sparkling waters as they are not too sugary. Not tried the non alcoholic kopparberg as sugar content is ridiculous! Second or third those saying do not drink non alcoholic cobra as it is foul. I like Becks blue (but would never choose to drink normal Becks when not pregnant!) - went out for a few drinks after work fri night and had a couple of these and it does feel like you are drinking actual beer.

Nousername2015 Sun 20-Dec-15 12:44:19

Thirding the non-alcoholic mulled wine from ikea. Served it up to some (drinking) friends and they loved it too!

Dixiechick17 Sun 20-Dec-15 19:57:06

Not pregnant anymore, but had an alcohol free mulled wine the other week as I was driving and it was lovely. One carton or orange juice, one carton of apple juice, mulled wine spices and red food colouring, mix together and heat in the pan smile

GlasgowPingu Sun 20-Dec-15 22:47:24

Not a huge fan of non-alcoholic beer tbh (despite being rather partial to a pint or two when not pregnant) and the one non-alcoholic wine I tried was truly vile, so have been sticking to soft drinks - in particular ginger beer (Fentiman's, Bundaberg, or Schweppes are available most places) and ginger ale (Fevertree). Feels a wee bit more grown-up than diet coke!

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