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Advice pls

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MumToBe2015R Sat 19-Dec-15 23:15:34

Okay so I had LO 4m ago (in aug) Emergency Csection. But the nurse took out my stitches too early & my wound was oozing with puss. They sent me home the same day. I was back at the hospital 3 days later because I had a really back infection, was oozing with puss, blood & the wound had opened by 2inches across, so at this point I had a hole in my stomache angry. They had to keep me in and give my antibiotics through IV, and because I was BF LO had to stay with me! Putting him at risk of infection!

Stayed for an additional 5days because of this and then was having to clean with sterile water and wear a seaweed dressing over it for a whole month. Specialist came to see me while I was still there and advised for me to not do anything for at least 4weeks. And when she said nothing she meant not evening carrying my baby and walking it was that bad. I felt terrible! Husbands as off for 2wks paternity but had to take a further 2wks off (unpaid), and then he went back to work and mum had to take unpaid leave to come and look after us.

Can something be done?

It's not only what they put me through, but I lost that special time with my LO because of that nurses mistake! They clearly said at the hospital it most probably wouldn't have opened of the stitches stayed in the extra 20hrs, because that's the crucial time for healing (first 5days apparently) and on top of that they discharged me when my wound was oozing!

It clearly says in my notes : nurse took out stitches early by mistake

LauraMcW Sun 20-Dec-15 00:06:02

What is it that you want done? There will be a complaints department within the hospital/trust that you can contact to make a formal complaint. They will probably look into it and apologise- not much use to you now I know because it's not like you can get that time back.

WiIdfire Sun 20-Dec-15 00:15:05

Surgeon here. If there is pus in the wound, it doesn't matter how long you leave the stitches in, it will never heal. Also, the best treatment for pus is to let it out and allow the wound to drain and heal slowly. So although she clearly made an error, from what you describe, your outcome was actually better than if the wound had been left closed with pus in it. Sorry you have had a miserable time. Did anyone apologise for the mistake at the time?

MumToBe2015R Sun 20-Dec-15 01:37:23

Thank you for your replies. WiIdfire no one apologised. Will make a formal complaint at the hospital though

BettyBi0 Sun 20-Dec-15 06:25:51

Definitely make a formal complaint. The early stitch removal wouldn't have changed things if the wound was already infected buy you deserve a proper apology for the infection and all the stress at the very least. I think you'd also have a fairly strong case for compensation as they probably wouldn't argue the case if there were documented errors in their management of your care. (Completely personal rather than professional opinion)

Jellybean100 Sun 20-Dec-15 06:59:57

Wound infection is one of the risks of having a csection unfortunately, and as previous post has said if there is already an infection there leaving stitches in wouldn't make a difference. Being discharged home with slight oozing of the wound is quite common

Junosmum Sun 20-Dec-15 09:06:07

I'd make a formal complaint and consider suing for the lost wages of your DH and DM, not 'compensation' just what has been lost due to the nurses negligence.

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