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Freaking out over small abdominal circumference

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strangerjo Fri 18-Dec-15 11:16:04

At my 20 week scan my baby measured fine but at a private scan this week (I'm almost 28wks) at the fmc, he's only on the 7th centile for abdominal circumference and weight. All other measurements are fine. Uch said they'll re-scan me in 3 weeks which feels like an eternity. Has anyone else had similarly low abdominal circumference measurements that worked out ok in the end? I've mainly read horror stories and I'm terrified to death. Any advice or good news would be massively appreciated.

SunnyDays1987 Fri 18-Dec-15 13:15:17

I had a low AC at a private scan at 28 weeks. They said it was fine and nothing to worry about. I ended up having pre eclampsia and when they gave me a growth scan at 36 weeks they decided to induce me for a range of reasons but one being poor growth. I'm guessing he probably wasn't growing properly from much earlier on in my pregnancy. However, he was born at 36+6 weighing 5lb 5oz and is absolutely fine, he has had no problems whatsoever (touch wood). So whilst it COULD be a sign of something else going on it doesn't have to mean that there is anything wrong with the baby in the long run. Not sure if that helps or not though!

strangerjo Sun 20-Dec-15 11:44:00

Thanks for responding. I will ask the midwife to check for pre-eclampsia.

If anyone else had small AC readings and a good outcome, please share! This news is blighting my Christmas and last part of my pregnancy.

pootypootwell Sun 20-Dec-15 14:36:18

My DD had a low abdominal circumference at her 20 week scan, I don't remember the percentile anymore, but it was low compared to her other measurements, which were average. She was born at 41 weeks weighing 6lbs 4oz, so smallish. She is now 9 months and on the 50th centile for weight, but is still quite slender round the middle!

pootypootwell Sun 20-Dec-15 14:40:50

Should add, when born she was on 9th percentile for weight, and has always been a very healthy and energetic baby, but measured small throughout pregnancy, Please try not to worry!

strangerjo Sun 20-Dec-15 17:52:56

Thank you! I'm concerned because my boyf's family were all big babies and at the 20 week scan, our son's measurements were all average apart from an above average humerus. Now he has an average head and femurs, longer than average humerus still but his ac and weight have dropped off in 8 weeks. I had the cervical stitch put in at 20 weeks to avoid premature delivery and now I'm worried I'll end up delivering early if he doesn't grow. Arrrgggh so stressful.

BurningGubbins Sun 20-Dec-15 18:08:27

I had pregnancy hypertension, which caused restricted growth, which was properly picked up at 32 weeks (all my family were small babies so it wasn't unusual until that point). My son ended up being born at 37 weeks as a problem developed with the placenta, he was on the 0.2nd centile but perfect besides. He caught up with his friends before he was 1, including those that were literally twice his size!

strangerjo Sun 20-Dec-15 18:22:05

That's great to hear! My blood pressure and urine are normal and the placenta and amniotic fluid seemed to be ok from the scan so I don't know why the ac would be small unless there's a problem developing that hasn't obviously manifested yet. It feels like a long wait to the next checkup and I'm very scared. But for your son to be 0.2nd centile and end up perfect is reassuring to hear, and that you made it to 37wks.

BurningGubbins Mon 21-Dec-15 17:30:06

Presumably if the hospital thought there was a reason to worry they'd have you in sooner, so maybe take it as a good sign?
Btw, I'm 27+2 with number 2 and being monitored to within an inch of my life and all seems fine, so it doesn't set the path for the future either!

strangerjo Wed 23-Dec-15 10:35:24

The doctor said they would have asked me in sooner but they don't have enough staff over Christmas. It was the same doctor I voiced my concerns to at 24wks who told me not to worry about my lack of weight gain. They wouldn't have scanned me again other than I went for a private one and the hospital uses the same sonographers who said his weight and ac have dropped off a lot. I've only been measured once by the midwife (at 27wks) and that was because I asked. She measured me over my clothes and seemed to be guessing. I have lost faith in the hospital since they've made quite a lot of mistakes with this pregnancy in the past.

BurningGubbins Thu 24-Dec-15 09:38:40

Oh dear, no wonder you are worried. My community midwife has been rubbish too, I've only seen her once, my next appointment isn't until 8 Jan when I'll be 30 weeks and mine is a high risk pregnancy - fortunately the hospital are great. So, my extremely unqualified advice is to sit tight until your next scan and then give them a good grilling if it seems the growth isn't picking up. As I said, it wasn't picked up for me until 32 weeks on my previous pregnancy and everything was fine.

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