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new job & pregnant

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Courts10 Thu 17-Dec-15 08:06:48

I've been at stay at home mum with my daughter now 16 months. But I have found a job I really wanted to do and as they are few and far between I applied. I applied and received a request for a interview BEFORE I found out I was pregnant. Then at the interview I knew but didn't say anything (still early days) my start date is the 4th January. I will be working in a SEN school. I probably won't of had my 12 week scan by then so would you tell them on the 4th (teacher training day) or wait? And because of the risks of getting injured can they say that I'm no longer fit for the role and take the position away from me? The position is only temporary until July depending on intake for next year (perfect for me leaving to have a baby) but they said that if intake was high then the job would be made permanent. Will my pregnancy/maternity affect this?

Sorry with my pervious pregnancy I just booked the scan off work and told them when I got back and knew everything was okay that I was pregnant so never really had to deal with school rules and temporary with possibility of permanent when pregnant

Kaytee1987 Thu 17-Dec-15 10:01:13

You don't have to tell your workplace until you're 25 weeks. I wouldn't tell them if I were you. They are not allowed to discriminate against you in any way because you are pregnant but as it's a temporary role they would be unlikely to make you permanent once they know you're pregnant, again they're not actually allowed to do this because you're pregnant but they could just give another reason.

AliceJennifer23 Thu 17-Dec-15 16:59:39

I was pretty much in a similar position to you! found out just before my start date, mine is temporary until october and it's with the NHS. I told my manager after I'd completed my first week, I was 9 weeks at the time. I told her because we have isolated infection rooms and a patient came in with an infection which pregnant woman shouldn't expose themselves too.

I think you should judge when to tell your manager, if after a week you feel comfortable and she's easy to communicate with then tell her. She will appreciate your honesty and, what's the worst that can happen? I just figured, it's a temporary job and there was a high chance I wouldn't of worked there once the contracts up anyway.

You'll have a better idea of the situation after a few days. Just take time to get to know people and start a good relationships with your colleagues. That's all managers want from the first few days :D

Good luck and congratulations on getting the job!

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