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1/5 engaged at 32 weeks?

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UptownFunk00 Wed 16-Dec-15 19:45:45

I'm 32 weeks nearly and just discovered am 1/5 engaged. Interested if this has happened to you before - if so was baby born early or around due date?

Iammad Wed 16-Dec-15 20:13:18

Is this first baby?

thorshammer Wed 16-Dec-15 20:18:21

Dc1 started to engage at this stage and was 5/5 by 37 weeks. She was still a week late fsmile

Dixiechick17 Thu 17-Dec-15 01:54:18

My DD was 3/5 engaged at 32 weeks and arrived at 40+5.

GoApeShit Thu 17-Dec-15 04:48:20

DS was fully engaged by 37 weeks. Arrived at 41+6 fgrin

Trace38 Thu 17-Dec-15 06:27:13

Mine was 1/5 engaged at 32 weeks and arrived 34+6. Everyone's different so you never can know. I'd definitely recommend getting a hospital bag ready though because I wasn't ready at all!

thorshammer Thu 17-Dec-15 11:24:08

Also Dc2 was completely free until I went into labour. So I really would take engagement with a pinch of salt it doesn't really mean anything in terms when when you'll deliver. I'm 33 weeks with Dc3 and they're still free so far .

Just try and enjoy Christmas before the madness begins !! fgrin good luck flowers

Icklepickle101 Thu 17-Dec-15 11:26:24

At my 34 week appointment (yesterday!) LO was 4/5 engaged, midwife said it didn't mean anything at all!

Newlywed123 Thu 17-Dec-15 15:31:38

1/5 or 0/5 engaged is where baby is deeply engaged which means baby probably won't move now smile. I think I was filly engaged around 36/37 weeks baby came at 37+4

mamaneedsamojito Thu 17-Dec-15 15:33:35

DS was engaged early and arrived at 40+5. I'm afraid it doesn't mean much!

MrsHenryCrawford Thu 17-Dec-15 15:34:49

Baby dropped at 32 weeks and I still went a week over. Last few weeks of pregnancy were very uncomfortable as the baby was putting so much pressure on my pelvis

5madthings Thu 17-Dec-15 15:38:35

My babies were all engaged early on, properly engaged no bobbing in and out.... They all turned up at 42wks plus.. I have big babies but am small, they were all long so I think they had to engage as there was no space!

But it doesn't mean anything in terms of labour generally and it's common for babies to not engage in bob in and out of the pelvis right up to labour and birth.

UptownFunk00 Thu 17-Dec-15 23:36:19

I think it just means I'll have to suffer with needing to pee every 5 seconds a little sooner than I was expecting smile

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