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Pregnancy Induced Hypertension at 26 weeks, now controlled with medication, should I expect to be induced at any point?

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hannahbanananana Wed 16-Dec-15 13:52:53

Hi, currently 35+4 and had high blood pressure (so far no pre-eclampsia) since 26 weeks. I'm now on labetalol 200mg which was increased from twice daily to three times a day at 28 weeks after a few hospital admissions where BP was around 150/100. Since then, BP has been relatively stable, and yesterday at my weekly midwife appointment was 120/87, which she was happy with. I'm due to see the consultant next week on Xmas eve (I'll be nearly 37 weeks), but wondered whether anyone in a similar position had been induced before 40 weeks? So far, no one has mentioned it but I've heard of so many people being induced before their due date because of high blood pressure. Is this likely to be the case for me too or because it's well controlled with medication will they let me go over?

JaniceJoplin Wed 16-Dec-15 14:04:30

I've been taking labetalol 200mg per day since about 12 weeks, I have chronic hypertension they think, which means I always have slightly high BP as opposed to it being linked to being pregnant. I also have white coat syndrome which means readings are a bit high when taken in a medical setting, my 24b hr monitor gave me an average of 138/90 which was borderline for hypertension.

I have BP readings once a week and a scan and a consultant review every 3 weeks. The last 2 times they have mentioned birth they have talked about induction at 38 weeks, possibly 39 weeks if the BP stays well controlled. Mine has not been over .../90 since I started on the meds. From what I gather though it is normal for BP to go up at the end of pregnancy so that's why if yours is a bit high normally they are happy to induce at term, from 37 weeks or so, so there is no risk of a big spike.

I also test for protein in my wee every morning, to make sure it doesn't develop into pre eclampsia. Any other signs like swellings, headaches I have to go to the hospital straight away.

My case is slightly complicated by the fact that I had my last DD very quickly, in less than 2 hours and they are dead against me going into labour naturally, when I could be on my own, and no one is looking at what is happening with my BP. So that is another tick in the early induction box for me !

I feel they have been super cautious with me but am happy to go with it.

JaniceJoplin Wed 16-Dec-15 14:13:52

I am nearly 33 weeks btw, they are talking about booking the induction towards the end of Jan and have said they will tell me this week what date to expect...

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