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when did you first hear heartbeat on Doppler?

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needtomovesomewherewarmer Wed 16-Dec-15 09:55:08

I'm currently about 12weeks with dc3. I've had 2 previous mmc identified at the 12/13 week scan with no bleeding at all so total shock. Last mmc was April.

I have a Doppler at home which I've used before but can't remeber how early on - I thought with Ds I used it before the 12week scan for resaaurave after a mmc. I tried using it at the weekend and again today but nothing. I know they say that's early but I'm sure I've caught a heartbeat early on before. I was really looking for some reassurance before my scan on Friday. Which I'm dreading. My sickness and tiredness have faded the past few days and my boobs don't feel as hot or tender.

Junosmum Wed 16-Dec-15 10:39:51

16 weeks at my midwife appointment. She assured me that if she couldn't find the heartbeat at that point not to worry as you often can't until 18 or 20 weeks.

Home dopplers are a bad idea - medical professionals find it hard to get a heart beat at 16 weeks, lay people stand little choice and would you know the difference between the heart beat, cord pulse or placenta? Midwife listens to all three at my appointments, and they have very subtle differences but sound very very similar!

Brummiegirl15 Wed 16-Dec-15 10:48:05

Please throw the Doppler away!!!!!!

In the nicest possible way you aren't trained in using one properly and have no idea what you are listening for. You could mistake your own hb or the placenta for the baby.

Midwives won't even attempt to listen before 16 weeks.

I was told by the midwife that if you came across someone in a car accident you wouldn't assume they were ok just because they had a pulse.

I went to maternity triage this week for reduced movement. The heartbeat was there but they were a bit concerned about lack of movement so I was on a fetal monitor for an hour!! All is ok, but the point I'm making is if I just had a Doppler and heard a heartbeat I would've assumed all was ok and potentially it might not have been.

Please throw away.

RNBrie Wed 16-Dec-15 10:51:53

First baby, 16 weeks. Second baby, 12 weeks. Third baby, we threw it away as it was terrible for my mental health with the first two.

99percentchocolate Wed 16-Dec-15 10:52:46

16 weeks here but was told at hospital this week (at 18w now) that I probably wouldn't hear anything.

RainWildsGirl Wed 16-Dec-15 11:05:05

16 weeks at MW appt.

get rid of the Doppler. having been in for monitoring so often I think the MW has found the HB and actually it was the placenta/other blood vessels before she finds the real HB. plus, and I don't mean to scare you, if there is a problem the HB will be the last thing to go. I know you are worried but I think the Doppler can either make you more worried or provide false reassurance.

5hell Wed 16-Dec-15 11:07:55

At 20w with the midwife (v late 16w appointment!)

Very best of luck for your scan on friday - hope you get a lovely early xmas prezzie

needtomovesomewherewarmer Wed 16-Dec-15 11:20:31

Thanks everyone. I know people say home Dopplers are a bad idea but i've found mine really reassuring in the past.

I can definitely tell the difference between mine and baby's. I can find mine and I think what is the placenta. Babys should be much much faster there is no mistaking in ime.

I don't think I'll throw it away, I will however bury it in the cupboard until (if) we reach 16 weeks.

I know there are no gurantees if you hear a heartbeat but at 12 weeks it would mean I handnt had a mmc and the chance of a mc would be much smaller.

Only 2 days to wait. That's not long......right???? confused

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