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Cervical stitch

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snickerdoodle2 Tue 15-Dec-15 18:33:50

I had a cervical stitch yesterday (22wks) due to a shortening cervix on weekly scans. I lost a baby around the same point in my previous pregnancy due to pprom. I haven't really been told anything about what happens now, the consultant suggested I shouldn't work but didn't say why, I don't have anymore scans scheduled and don't see the consultant until 28 weeks. My midwife has also just resigned :s I feel a bit lost! any advice around what I should/shouldn't do or what to expect welcome!!

Dixiechick17 Tue 15-Dec-15 20:49:57

Sorry you've been left in the dark a bit. I didn't have to have the stitch as my cervical shortening was managed with progesterone pessaries and plenty or rest in the third trimester.

The consultant told me that if I had to have a stitch resting where possible and not working is best. It depends on how short the cervix is I believe and whether the stitch could aggravate the membranes. Although he did say if there was worry of this they'd know when putting the stitch in, and in that case would admit to hospital for the remainder of the pregnancy.

Has the consultant actually signed you off? I'd call his or her secretary for some further clarification if I were you. Hope all goes well with your pregnancy, sorry for your previous loss flowers

Newlywed123 Tue 15-Dec-15 21:31:17

I'm currently on my 3rd Pregnancy. I've had 2 stitches after I lost my first born at 23 weeks.

Every consultant does things differently. With my 2nd pregnancy I had an emergency stitch placed at 18 weeks after my cervix drastically shortened. I had steroid injections at 24 and 28 weeks just incase baby was born early. I also had a a scan at 24 weeks after that it was monthly consultant appointments and my stitch was removed at 36+5 baby was born healthy 5 days later.

This pregnancy I had a planned stitch at 15 weeks. I had steroids at 24 weeks and only have another load if I go into Labour. I have monthly scans from 20 weeks until the end of my pregnancy to check babies development. I think my stitch is being removed at 36/37 weeks, I'm now 32 weeks. I've had a different consultant this time.

I didn't see my consultant after my stitch until 20 weeks. They probably want you to rest to ensure Labour doesn't start. If you want answers call to be booked in earlier it won't harm them smile

Best of luck to you flowers

Palomb Tue 15-Dec-15 21:33:55

You should be seeing someone at least weekly for the next few weeks, incl scans. Whether you should work depends on what you do for a job.

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