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Scan Clinic Studio, Erith Gender/4d Scans

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Pops200712 Tue 15-Dec-15 12:28:23

I would like to recommend Scan Clinic Studio in Erith (opposite Farm Foods) to all you mums to be that are interested in a gender or 3D/4D scan. I sat in on my sisters gender scan yesterday (she is 17 weeks pregnant) and it was such a lovely experience.
Anu, the sonographer was lovely, she took her time to not only tell us the sex of the baby but also check all the measurements of him to reassure my sister that everything was going well.The report was given in a nice folder in a gift bag. The experience felt very relaxed. She even got a freepeek of him in 4D which was so nice to see. I remember when I went for my gender scan at another clinic , they wanted an extra £20.00 to show me my baby in 4D so this was a pleasant surprise.
They have a facebook page - Scan Clinic Studio.

Alice1983 Tue 15-Dec-15 20:42:19

Wow. Two recommendations in one day, must be the bees knees! fwink

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