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brown discharge just after 12 week scan

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seven201 Mon 14-Dec-15 21:50:16

Hello. Today I had my scan (12 weeks plus 6). All was fine but the baby wasn't co-operating so the sonographer whacked the probe thing on my stomach many many times to get it to move. This evening I've had pale brown discharge when I wipe. I'm think maybe the whacking dislodged some old blood? Anyone else had this?

I'll ring the midwife tomorrow as I'm rhesus negative so am meant to say if I have any bleeding after 12 weeks. There's not a lot of it and I'm not very worried (ok telling myself that!) but am a bit concerned. Just wanted to know if it's a known thing after a scan I suppose.

Thanks in advance

amysmummy12345 Mon 14-Dec-15 21:59:49

No answers OP but hope you're ok. I'd ring midwife and explain. They'll probably say just to keep an eye on it for fresh bleeding but the O negative thing might change the situation? Xxx

seven201 Mon 14-Dec-15 22:10:39

Thank you. I'll call the midwife tomorrow afternoon (they don't answer the phones in the morning!) but if it gets worse get onto the gp I think. I think all will be fine.

Battleshiphips2 Mon 14-Dec-15 22:44:41

Definitely give midwife a call. I've had brown bleeding on and off and the EPU were brilliant with me. I also had red blood gushing out at 23 and a half weeks, baby is still fine. I'm almost 28 weeks now and he's just nearly kicked my iPad off my tummy.
It's really scary though when you first see it. Brown blood is old blood and they'll usually tell you not to worry. If you get any red blood go straight to the nearest EPU. Funny enough my first brown blood was after a scan when baby wouldn't move and they did all sorts to try and move him.
Hope all is ok.

5madthings Mon 14-Dec-15 22:48:57

I had brown blood just after my 12 wk scan, I called midwife who got me in to Epu for a scan, all was fine. They also checked my blood group as well.

All was fine, am now 24 wks, they didn't find any cause at the time but at 20 wk scan discovered my placenta is very low and that can cause bleeding apparently, so I have extra scans booked at 28, 32 wks to check on position of the placenta.

seven201 Tue 15-Dec-15 09:33:50

Thanks everyone. Gosh the red gush at 23 weeks must have been terrifying! I had bleeding at 6 weeks and 9 weeks and went to the epu then and all was fine. Spoke to the gp this morning who rang the epu and they said that I don't need to do anything unless I get any red blood. Phew! There's only a tiny bit this morning so I'm not worried anymore smile. Thank you for your support x

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