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First scan worries

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frikadela01 Mon 14-Dec-15 12:04:52

I've just had my letter through for my first scan and it says they don't discuss the results with you and I will have to make an appointment with my doctor to discuss it. Do they literally mean they won't discuss anything?? I thought I'd feel better once I got the date but now I'm just feeling worse that I'll have the scan and then have to wait a few days to know anything... If that's the case it's just cruel.

Ps I realise this has probably been asked a million times but my irrational head is sat here bloody worrying now.

sepa Mon 14-Dec-15 12:10:01

Are you having the combined test? If that's the case then they can't really discuss anything with you as risk factors are made up from the scan and blood test as well as your age. I wouldn't be too concerned.
I think I had a letter in the post with the results of my combined test which I went through with MW at 16 weeks!

Good luck

frikadela01 Mon 14-Dec-15 12:16:48

I am and I anticipated that I would hear the results of that afterwards.

I guess my irrational worry head I wear at the moment just read the letter as they won't tell me anything eg dates, if there is anything in there.... aarrgh why does nobody tell you that it's so stressful.

Daffodil90 Mon 14-Dec-15 12:48:39

At 12 week scan the sonographer will be able to tell you your due date based on measurements....I've never heard of them saying nothing at all. You'll be able to see it on the screen too, let them know if you want a picture too as they need to know before they start so they can capture it whilst scanning.

20 week anomaly scan is usually when you have to wait for results as they take measurements and combine these results with that of a blood test taken at the same time to work out the risks of downs etc. I got a letter in the post a few days after explaining the results.

I suppose there could be different rules for different areas but in mine you see a MW after the scan who tests urine, takes blood if necessary and checks on your wellbeing. Try not to worry too much - I know it's difficult, I had to have an emergency scan about 26 weeks that freaked me out (turned out to be nothing)- but the staff are there for you and you can ask them questions. You'll soon see little one on the screen that will put your mind at rest.

Best of luck with everything smile

VocationalGoat Mon 14-Dec-15 13:09:14

If there is anything of note, the technician will almost certainly tell you then and there that you will be booked in to see a consultant for a follow-up scan. What they may not be able to tell you is if they see an actual abnormality. They may see a small red flag, something as benign as baby being a little bit small for gestation (very common), but if they have even a mild concern regarding baby's development, of course that would have to be discussed with you then and there because more than likely it would be the technician who would arrange the referral to a consultant.

None of this will happen, I am almost certain! Sorry if I am causing panic.

I've had two abnormal pregnancies, so sadly I know how that can go. What I am saying is, you won't be left in the dark, sent home to wonder if your baby is healthy or not. But the devil is in the detail and clinicians rather than technicians are the people who deal with this side of things, hence the reason sonographers don't say so much. Occasionally- as was the case in my last pregnancy- you get the actual consultant obstetrician doing the scan and in this case they talk and they will tell you what exactly is going on because their training and background is much more involved than a technician, who is usually not a doctor. But I had a consultant obstetrician scanning me because of my history, not because I am a 'special snowflake'. grin

One thing I have learned is that the majority of us make it into the world totally healthy, which really is a marvel and a miracle. Good luck and healthy wishes!

Hope this helps. Sorry to ramble. flowers

GoApeShit Mon 14-Dec-15 14:04:16

That's bizarre. A sonographer will usually tell you if everything is fine and tell you your dates. However if there are some things which require further investigation then you may have to wait for that. Also combined test bloods take a few days.

Iammad Mon 14-Dec-15 14:16:41

It's 12 weeks where they do the combined, they would normally put in your notes your actual due date and measurements.
The bloods will take a few days and you will normally be told if anything is high risk within a week (usually 3 days).
With my eldest there was no 12 week scan at all, had to wait until 20 weeks.

frikadela01 Mon 14-Dec-15 16:11:53

Thanks everyone. I've rung my midwife and she's basically confirmed what people have said here that they'll give me dates and what not but won't discuss any abnormalities or anything which I never expected them to. Like I said earlier it's just me looking at the letter and being completely irrational about it. (I blame the thread I read on here earlier in the week where the woman had to keep asking the sonographer the same question and had an all round unpleasant experience)

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