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Early pregnancy and back pain.

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emmabrown123 Mon 14-Dec-15 06:49:05

Hi all. This is my first time posting in here. I'm currently 5 weeks pregnant with #2 and am experiencing horrendous back pain (I am prone to back pain anyway as do a heavy job).

It's keeping me awake at night and shooting down my leg. Am taking Paracetamol but it's not touching it at all. And it's made worse by the fact I'm being sick (never was sick with DS1).

Have literally no idea how to cope with it! Anyone tried anything for back pain in early pregnancy that works?

Maxfell2008 Mon 14-Dec-15 11:35:57

hey , i am also 5 weeks today,

i have had the odd little niggle in my lower leg, - if yours is keeping you awake at night or irritating you, i would see your GP or midwife. xx

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