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38 weeks..actually wetting myself

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baba5 Sun 13-Dec-15 22:39:10

So I have never posted before and am.really.embarassed but not sure where else to look for support as quite liking the anonymity of the internet.
So this evening I went for a walk with my eldest son. I was feeling fed-up and just wanted some fresh air. We didn't go far maybe a half a mile if that. Stopped off at shop and picked up a few bits. Recently when I have been walking I have had quite strong bh. Tonight though it was like my whole stomach turned to rock and then I felt like I was leaking fluid. It was constantly leaking. Initially I thought my waters had gone. When I got home my hubby looked very worried as my trousers were absolutely soaked! My stomach had remained rock solid the whole time I was walking like it was clenching. What has upset me is that it actually is urine. So I have literally due to whatever the horrific tightening/cramping/spasming type feeling totally emptied my bladder entirely by walking for approx 10 mins 😒 I know its baby five n to leak a bit of wee when sneezing or coughing is kinda inevitable BUT surely to have that sort of leaking and a massive tightening of bump isn't normal?? Any advice greatly received

lemon101 Sun 13-Dec-15 22:50:40

Did you need a wee before you went out? I sometimes get really awful bh when I need a wee really badly and then it really is a bit of a trial for your bladder. The only thing I can suggest is work on your pelvic floor exercises. The NHS squeeze app is really good as a tool to remember and get technique right.
It is mortifying when this sort of thing happens!flowers

baba5 Sun 13-Dec-15 23:04:12

That's the thing...i went before I went out 😞
Arrrgh! Hate this. Fingers crossed bubs comes soon. I am now to worried to walk anywhere, luckily it was dark earlier so no1 could tell. Putting myself under house arrest until he arrives.

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