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Braxton hicks

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sepa Sun 13-Dec-15 17:34:59

27 weeks in my first pregnancy and I think I have felt braxton hicks. Can anyone tell me what they feel like so I know if I should be concerned?
I am having pain (more annoying than painful) below my bump (kind of where you would get period pains)
It has been on and off all day. I am at hospital anyway tomorrow and midwife this week but didn't want to seem a bit dim and ask if it is just braxton hicks blush

sepa Sun 13-Dec-15 20:41:18

Anyone able to help?

Outaboutnowt Sun 13-Dec-15 20:53:17

Braxton hicks are like tightenings, like when you tense your tummy muscles but it happens involuntarily. The tightening can last for a minute or two IIRC.
I had them a lot during my pregnancy and I can't say they were ever painful, but they were quite uncomfortable sometimes. Sometimes I would get them every 5 minutes, for hours! Annoying!
Does it feel anything like that?
They're nothing really to worry about.
I also had quite a lot of twinges - similar to period pain but not strong pain. Like growing pains.

If you feel in a lot of pain or you're worried, do ring your midwife. Better to get checked out if you feel like something's wrong.

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