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Hospital bag- what am I missing?

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CocoDeJour Sat 12-Dec-15 23:28:59

So far I have;

- Bikini top (for birthing pool)
- old large towel
- 1 button down nightie
- maternity pads x2 packs
- nappie x10
- pack baby wipes
- nappy sacks
- breast pads x8
- nappy rash cream
- nipple cream
- muslin cloths x2
- 2 bibs
- 1 baby blanket
- 2 baby hats
- 1 pair socks
- 2 pairs mittens
- 1 pair baby shoes
- vests x5
- bodysuits x3
- teddy bear
- going home outfit for myself

Anything I could add? Anything I won't need? fsmile

StarSpotter Sat 12-Dec-15 23:40:01

You probably won't need the breast pads until your milk comes in. I'd say at least two or three more items of nightwear for you and a few more sleep suits and vests for the baby. All you need is for baby to we during nappy change and that's two outfits gone!

CraigRevelHorwoodsPetCat Sat 12-Dec-15 23:46:59

I brought Ewan the Dream Sheep to hospital with me..swear by that glowing little sheep of soothing sounds

possum18 Sat 12-Dec-15 23:53:50

Underwear for yourself big comfy pants
Slippers or flip flops

Lemonfizzypop Sat 12-Dec-15 23:58:23

More wet wipes! They're good to use on yourself aswell as baby.

Lemonfizzypop Sat 12-Dec-15 23:59:48

What about toiletries? Shower gel for the post-birth shower..deodorant, toothbrush etc

ilovehotsauce Sun 13-Dec-15 00:01:09

Newborns don't really need shoes, I'd say detol wipes, mini hand sanitiser, shower gel, lip balm.

As many vests as sleepsuits, Cardigan to keep baby warm on leaving hospital.

LariyahSpen Sun 13-Dec-15 00:04:05

Don't forget a hair bobble or scarf your bound to get nice and sweaty & you won't want hair in your face.

I brought some lucozade tablets with me and a box of cereal bars and 2 cartons of coconut water & a big bottle of Evian & straws.

Moisturiser for you
Hand sanitizer
Phone charger

Think you have the most important stuff though

Good luck smile

DiscoSpider Sun 13-Dec-15 00:05:12

Probably more nappies needed.

NancyDroop Sun 13-Dec-15 00:05:19

A big ikea type bag in case you need to quickly move rooms - you won't have time to repack all your stuff carefully.

Snacks to keep you going, cereal bars, juice boxes.

Clothes & toiletries for anyone coming with you, you might be there a while.

Phone charger, camera?

Baby car seat, at least ready to go at home.Practice setting up now.

LucyBabs Sun 13-Dec-15 00:07:39

Yes definitely flip flops for the shower in hospital. Also sports bottle for using after you've been to the toilet or when you're showering. Pjs for yourself after the birth. I also brought comfy bottoms and T-shirt rather than being stuck in pjs. Tablet, kindle or book. I brought concealer, mascara, and lip balm smile
Doubt you'd need happy rash cream or baby shoes.. HTH x

duckyneedsaclean Sun 13-Dec-15 00:09:09

You won't need nappy rash cream, breast pads, baby shoes or teddy. And i found button down nighties bloody annoying. I went for v loose bottoms and tshirts second time around.

You will need lip balm, snacks, a book, phone charger, shampoo & conditioner, deodorant, lots of knickers. Also 2 sets of pjs/nighties - you bleed a lot.

duckyneedsaclean Sun 13-Dec-15 00:09:47

You can also loose the towel, they have towels.

MumCodes Sun 13-Dec-15 00:12:20

Bottles and bottles of Lucozade Sport. Swore by it, doesn't spill either which is a bonus. Also snacks for you and your partner, you could be there a while. Plenty of change for the car park and vending machines.

And massive, massive pants.

Good luck!

MumCodes Sun 13-Dec-15 00:15:11

Towels at my local hospital are made of cardboard and tiny. As it's going to get messy so you might prefer to bring a soft old one from home.

ALR123 Sun 13-Dec-15 01:22:35

I've been told by my hospital I need to take towels if I want to use the birth pool!
sorry to jump on this thread but can I ask how big is a normal sized hospital bag?
36 weeks gone with my first baby and I have a (large) holdall with towels and all my stuff in, then a smaller flight bag sized bag with all baby's stuff.
husband thinks it's embarrassing taking so much but I can't seem to cut back! ?
Was advised to take 10 x vests and 10 x sleep suits for baby but also to take stuff I tiny baby size and new born! That's 40 items alone blush confused

DiscoDiva70 Sun 13-Dec-15 01:39:45

Definitely extra bibs
Dummies incase you decide to use them for baby
Thick padded going home outfit for baby
Extra sleep suits
Cotton wool (I was advised not to use baby wipes on newborn)

Lemonfizzypop Sun 13-Dec-15 04:01:39

Oh god no keep the towel, NHS towels are NOT what you want after your first shower. White, scratchy, the size of a stamp- nononono.

Loft653 Sun 13-Dec-15 04:22:01

Definitely lots of snacks - lucozade, water in a sports bottle, cereal bars, chocolate, bananas etc.
I stayed in hospital 2 nights after DD was born, the food was awful and I didn't even get served any breakfast one of the mornings so had to manage with my left over snacks (wasn't worth making a fuss about, staff were rushed off their feet and probably would have brought it at lunch time!).
Your birth partner will want snacks too, you don't want them leaving the room at the vital moment in search of the vending machine!

Niknak1980 Sun 13-Dec-15 04:58:03

Lots of your favourite chocolate smile

Lemonfizzypop Sun 13-Dec-15 06:34:50

ALR have they said you're having a small baby? I think buying newborn AND tiny baby is a bit excessive otherwise.

NotBeingRudeBut Sun 13-Dec-15 06:43:02

Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate.

Agree with flip flops.

BBQueen Sun 13-Dec-15 06:53:12

Ear plugs in case you need to sleep on a ward. Don't worry, you will hear your own baby, they will just muffle the sound of others.

Lip balm
Coins for car parking
Extra pillows (for you and partner, who might end up napping on a chair)

Is your nipple cream Lansinoh? If not, get some Lansinoh and use it before and after each feed if your nipples start to get sore.

JimbosJetSet Sun 13-Dec-15 07:09:27

Disposable changing mats were useful for us - there was nowhere to change the baby apart from on my bed, and it was a rather messy experience!

Iammad Sun 13-Dec-15 07:09:44

When my youngest was born she was only just other 5lb, I didn't have any tiny clothes.
Yes the new born clothes were a bit big but they did until we left hospital and oh could get a few bits for her.
I have 5 vests and 5 sleep suits,a going home outfit,two cardigans and a jacket and two blankets for baby,two hats,bibs.
Travel size shampoo,shower gel,toothbrush and toothpaste.
Lip balm,deodorant,comb.
Pack of nappies,pack of wetwipes.
Going home clothes for me,oversize nightly to have baby in.
Two dark pairs of pj's,socks with grips on.
2 packs of maternity pads.
A plastic bag to put any dirty stuff in is always handy to separate.
And some munchies smile
And if I do end up being in for longer then oh can bring in extras.
I think as long as you have enough for one night then that's enough if you have people to help bring in stuff.
Or if your worried about bringing in loads of stuff then keep extras in the car (if it's being left up the hospital).

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