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Hip pain at 27 weeks - SPD or iliopsoas bursitis?

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mira25 Sat 12-Dec-15 20:42:11

Please I need help... I have pain in my left hip going down to the knee sometimes...but only when I try to walk...not when I sit, lay down or stand still ( maybe is because I consciously put more of my weight on the good, right leg).
I cannot lift my left leg at all - when I keep it straight- in laying position, but I can bend the knee. I feel a little doll pain the left buttock all the time.
When I am limping or try to walk all the femoral and other muscle and nerves around the hip become stiff and I feel pain at the iliopsoas muscle and in front mid knee cap.
I am doing chiropractic exercises 3 times a week with a doctor ( she does also acupuncture sometime to me on the stiff muscles) but I see no improvement.

Thank you.

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