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Very difficult pregnancy - starting to worry

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99percentchocolate Sat 12-Dec-15 08:48:18

18 weeks and have had a very difficult pregnancy since day 1. Hyperemesis which I was hospitalised multiple times for (still sick but under control with ondansetron now) and have had two bleeds. Was in hospital last night with one and baby is fine, all looks as it should be, so they don't know why it happened. Have been ordered bed rest for a few days.
I'm starting to get scared now. What if I go into very early labour? Also starting to feel down about it all. I had SPD last time and couldn't walk at all at the end (on crutches) and I've been getting pelvic pain the last few days so I know things aren't going to get better.
Just wishing away the next few months and hoping I can cope.

YeOldeTrout Sat 12-Dec-15 08:59:49

Gosh, it's so unfair, isn't it?
It sounds like you coped before so you know you can cope, just very hard.
Who or what do you have as a support system?

99percentchocolate Sat 12-Dec-15 09:02:53

I'm incredibly lucky to have a fantastic support system actually - wonderful DP, lots of family and very close friends who would do anything for me (and vice versa of course) so I'll get along, I just feel crap knowing it is likely going to get worse.
My DD is 3 and she has already had to deal with so much through this pregnancy - I feel awful putting her through another 22(ish) weeks of it.

YeOldeTrout Sat 12-Dec-15 09:05:39

Motherhood means you feel guilty no matter what you do or did.
You'd feel guilty over making your DD an only child if you didn't have a 2nd baby. Can't win?!

What can you do to take your mind off the worries? Sounds like the worry is the biggest problem now (?)

99percentchocolate Sat 12-Dec-15 09:08:04

That's true! Going to spend today reading my book and wrapping Xmas presents (will maybe put on an Xmas film to go with that) so will distract myself until I feel better. Driving test next week too so that'll give me something else to concentrate on!

Reebok Sat 12-Dec-15 09:19:17

99percent, we could be twins! Also a hyperemesis sufferer...currently 20 weeks. On ondansetron to control the vomiting. Was in hospital the other day with a bleed but they had no idea what was causing it and baby is fine. Now also on bed rest for a week or until bleeding subsides. I also have the same fears as you. I have a history of mc so quite freaked out. Fx for both of our babies! Hugs to you.

99percentchocolate Sat 12-Dec-15 09:28:19

A big hug for you too Reebok - it's crap isn't it? FX for both of our babies.

Doublebubblebubble Sat 12-Dec-15 09:38:29

I've suffered hyperemisis every pregnancy (I've been pregnant 5 times with 6 children 2 having made it) hyperemisis is the worst thing I wouldn't wish it on anyone! I'm sat here though with my 6 year old DD and 8 week old ds having "forgotten" about all that crap. Honestly once the hyperemisis goes (mine always went/calmed down around 18 weeks) you will start to settle into the pregnancy and feel more alive x good luck all of you xx

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