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Cramping and spotting

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Highlove Fri 11-Dec-15 19:39:57

I'm 5 and a bit week. Have had a couple of blood tests confirming HCG is going up nicely, last one Weds morning. But I've been getting cramps for the last hour or two and just been to the loo and am spotting. Brown spotting. Don't think I'd worry about either in isolation but cramping and spotting together...? Any chance this isn't game over?

This is a very hard-won pregnancy so I'm anxious anyway. I know it's probably too early to bother with an EPU so I just have to sit tight.

Coraltee123 Fri 11-Dec-15 19:52:00

If could still be implantation bleeding and your womb is getting bigger. But I always think any blood go get checked! Phone your local out of hours and they will help you. Best of luck xx

Highlove Sat 12-Dec-15 09:48:20

Thanks. Spotting is still there this morning but really not much, just a bit of (sorry, way tmi) dark brown sludge when I wipe. Cramping comes and goes. But still feeling pretty nauseous this morning, so am hoping that's a positive sign...?

Chattycat78 Sat 12-Dec-15 10:41:39

I had loads of brown sludge and even a bright red bleed once. This was between 4-8 weeks pretty much on and off. I don't think spotting def means it's going wrong to be honest. I went to ePU and got a scan at around 5.5 weeks.

Highlove Sat 12-Dec-15 11:39:24

Thanks chatty. Think I recognise you from an infertility thread? Got a scan booked for six weeks, just going slightly mental in between! What could they see at 5.5?

Chattycat78 Sat 12-Dec-15 12:41:01

Yeah I was on the second time ivf thread, although I didn't end up doing ivf for this pregnancy. They could see a gestational sac and yolk sac at 5 plus weeks. No heartbeat at that point yet. Actually they could see two- it's twins. Yikes!

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