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Giving birth abroad - any advice?

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Hodgepodge123 Fri 11-Dec-15 15:34:35

Hello. My partner is working in Bulgaria and I'm living with him throughout my pregnancy. Does anyone know if I can claim maternity costs from the nhs?

JennyC520 Fri 11-Dec-15 15:45:15

I think it really depends how long you have moved abroad for. If you have lived abroad for a certain number of years I think you're classed as non-resident and therefore don't qualify for stuff. I moved abroad for 2 years for work and when I came back to UK, the NHS asked for proof that I was a British citizen before I could get NHS treatment~
I'm not sure about getting NHS funded treatment abroad though... I wouldn't think that was possible... but not sure.

DinoSnores Sat 12-Dec-15 20:12:28

Do you mean via the EHIC? I'm not sure why the NHS should have to foot the bill while you live in another country.

"It also covers treatment of pre-existing medical conditions and routine maternity care, providing the reason for your visit is not specifically to give birth."

Reading that, I'd assume that you'll have to pay given that you have moved there specifically to be pregnant then give birth.

DinoSnores Sat 12-Dec-15 20:16:59

Well, I've learnt something new today!

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