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Premature labour at 31+6

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SchnitzelvonKrumm12 Fri 11-Dec-15 10:52:58

I went into hospital last Friday with suspected PROM. That turned out not to be the case. However, whilst there I began contracting every 3 mins - lasting for about 1.5 minutes each. After a positive fibronectin (protein that acts as glue for amniotic sac) test, I was admitted and given drip (Atosiban) to stop labour whilst having steroids.

Dd1 was also born at 32+4 - although was too fast for drip and only got one steroid in as labour was about 5 hours.

Labour stopped and I have since been discharged - I'm now at 32+6. I'm so nervous about going into labour and over analysing every twinge, constantly thinking my waters are going to break! Bump has dropped so much and baby is head down, although not completely engaged. I feel really strange knowing I was in labour - yet I'm now still pregnant and obviously want baby in as long as possible! Has anyone else been through this? If so, at what gestation was baby born? A stint in SCBU over Christmas with a 3 year old would not be ideal!! sad

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