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Everythings really getting to me.

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mamapoppins23 Fri 11-Dec-15 09:18:41

Hi I wanted some advice on how you deal with your mood swings during pregnancy. I have anxiety and had anxiety before I got pregnant anyway, I'm much better than I was but its playing up again now my hormones are all over the place. I'll go from 0 to 10 in a matter of minutes where I'll stress out about nothing in particular. I see a therapist regularly anyway and everyone tells me not to worry but sometimes I can't help it. My DP is a very laid back person and I am not, when I get anxious I jump to conclusions, before when my anxiety was really bad. Everything's really stressing me out, I'm so scared I won't be a good Mother because of my anxiety and problems I've had over the years. I'm fed up of living in supported accomodation, waiting to be housed, feel like I have no privacy , staff are where I live from 9-5 every day 😭. I'm a full time student and some days I'm getting so tired that I miss my alarm, I sleep a ridiculous amount at the minute. I have no support off my parents or any family, I'm not very old, only 23 and Everythings piling on top. I miss having energy and I'm so scared my baby will be taken away from me. I hate where i live, I've saved up some money to go private renting and am waiting for DP to get a job. He's a train track construction engineer. I'm having a bit of an anxiety attack this morning.
9 weeks + 2 days

LittlePixieMa Fri 11-Dec-15 09:22:45

Sending you huge hugs. Anxiety sucks, I suffered from it for years, and no matter how many people say don't worry it doesn't help!!

I found that yoga really helped, it taught me to allow me to feel however I was feeling. Once I accept that I was anxious, and that its okay to feel anxiety then I started to recover. Is there any pregnancy yoga near you? The other thing that help was focusing on my feet! Whenever I freaked and felt like I was losing the plot, I'd bring my attention to how my feet felt, and used that to feel grounded.

The anxiety no more website is also great.

Huge hugs to you xxx

LittlePixieMa Fri 11-Dec-15 09:25:15

You'll be an excellent mum! I had similar worries, anxiety, eating disorder, self harm etc...... Hasn't affected me being a mother had all, being a Ma is amazing and in a way healing, you look to the present and the future when you've a little one xxx

3littlebadgers Fri 11-Dec-15 09:31:45

Mama, anxiety is awful. I am 31 weeks and have suffered from it throughout this pregnancy. My maternity department has a special maternity psychologist which has been a god send. If you are having pregnancy related anxiety attacks it might be worth asking if you hospital has similar.

My next advice would be to try and live in the minute instead of looking ahead and behind. Make a little list of acheivable things you can tick off each day to give yourself that chance to see that you are doing well. You said you are student, it could be little things like going to your lectures, reading a certain article for you studies etc. the key is the list is acheivable and not too long or focused on the long term.

At 23 you will find most people do not have their own accomodation or are living in the ideal setting. Be kind on yourself my lovely.

mamapoppins23 Fri 11-Dec-15 09:35:57

I'm much better than I was I had a breakdown last year and I'm doing so well compared to then. Just having a bit of a moment this morning. They either told me I had anxiety or bipolar. They decided it was anxiety because bipolar was such a serious condition to diagnose after one nervous breakdown. Should of left for college this morning by now just trying to collect myself. Had a good cry, these hormones are doing my head in. Thank you for your heart warming replies.

LittlePixieMa Fri 11-Dec-15 09:40:51

Crying is good!! Let it al out. Don't beat yourself up lovely xxx

Sunshine511 Fri 11-Dec-15 10:12:23

Sending hugs!! I've never suffered with anxiety before and can only imagine how awful it must be. I just wanted to say I suffered from eating disorders for a large period of my life! I managed to recover before falling pregnant but my daughter is now my motivation to stay healthy! I know how much she needs me and I use that to strengthen myself! I agree with what a previous poster said that having my daughter was sort of healing for me! You will be a wonderful mum! The fact you're concerned about being a good mum is evidence of how much you care. Wishing you good health! As long as you have a supportive partner and continue to see your therapist, everything will fall into place x

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