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steroid injections 34+2weeks

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XxxNewtsxxX Thu 10-Dec-15 23:47:00


I'm 34+2 weeks pregnant and have to have steroid injections as they say I might go into labour Early.

I am wondering what are the chances of them inducing my labour as the doctors said that if I was 37 weeks that I would have been having the baby today.

Gizmo2206 Fri 11-Dec-15 01:37:55

I had the steroid injections at 33 weeks. I didn't know there was any increased risk of premature labour from having them. I was told they are perfectly safe and beneficial to have as precaution. I was induced at 34+4 and baby was DD was born at 35+1 and her breathing was perfect!

Good Luck

XxxNewtsxxX Fri 11-Dec-15 05:22:56

Awww I'm happy everything turned out okay for you ☺.

So there is a chance that I might end up being induced as they think the baby isn't getting enough blood from placenta even though on the scan I have they didny say anything other than my waters are lower than what they should be ? Thanks for your reply x

Junosmum Fri 11-Dec-15 07:43:36

Steroids suggests that they think you'll end up delivering early. I suspect they'll give them to and then monitor your placenta closely. Their aim is to keep baby where it's meant to be for as long as is safe, there'll be a tipping point that they'll be watched for where baby being born is safer than the risk of placenta failure. Steroids will allow that tipping point a bit earlier. The steroids themselves don't increase the risk of premium labour though.

Newlywed123 Fri 11-Dec-15 08:23:43

Steroids do not increase the risk of premature Labour smile.

Your consultant is probably giving you them as a precaution. I had them with my LG at 24 & 28 weeks due to a weak cervix I had my daughter at 37+4. This pregnancy I've had them at 24 weeks and my consultant is only giving me another batch if I go into Labour early as steroids aren't as effective a couple of weeks after having them and you can't have more then 2 lots.

Sounds like your consultant has given you them just incase things change smile

XxxNewtsxxX Fri 11-Dec-15 08:25:43

I'm having the steroids because they think there is someone wrong with my placenta I am Bing reviewed on Monday and having another scan to see what is actually wrong the doctor said that there is a possibility that I will be delivering early if there is something wrong 😟.

Thanks for explain it to me ☺

Gizmo2206 Fri 11-Dec-15 10:27:30

I was the same as you they gave me the steroids as the I had way below the normal range of amniotic fluid and then the following week they couldn't measure any on the scan, so I chose to be induced (they wanted to wait til 37 weeks with no fluid but DD had a different problem noticed at 20 week scan so I was already extremely anxious and worried) I'm very glad they induced early as it turned out she had positional club foot from having no waters to move around so freely in, if she had been inside for another 7 weeks they would have been a lot more severe.

The SCBU consultant who came to see me when I was induced said he would have chosen to induce early if it was his baby, and that at that gestation (34 weeks) they are safer out than in if there's a potential complication, as the womb is an 'unpredictable environment' xx

Gizmo2206 Fri 11-Dec-15 10:30:04

Oh and there turned out to be no cause of low fluid and no lasting problems xx

XxxNewtsxxX Fri 11-Dec-15 11:19:22

Thanks for replying it's really nice that you have done so and it's nice to hear from someone that has been in the same situation as me ☺ lucky this is the 1st thing they have found wrong with my womb/baby so hopefully after the scan and monitoring I have left now he will be okay I'm still worried as this is my 1st pregnancy and didn't expect to be admitted to hospital after my scan on Thursday lol.

I'm glad that your DD is fine and health now puts my mind at rest for a bit after going through the list of terrible things that could happen x

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