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Anybody having a rainbow baby?

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Coraltee123 Thu 10-Dec-15 00:53:52

After a missed miscarriage with a blighted ovum in May and a chemical pregnancy I found out a month ago I was pregnant! Went for 2 early scans and my little beans heartbeat is so strong! Absolutely over the moon! I suffer from anxiety so I've been on edge since I found out but I'm 8+2 now and have such a good feeling about this one! It feels just like my lg xx

fanjodisfunction Thu 10-Dec-15 04:33:43

Wish you all the luck in the world.

I am having my second rainbow baby this Friday by c section due to it being breech. My first baby died at 36 weeks from a true knot in her cord. I then suffered two miscarriages before I had my first rainbow a little boy.

I hope you find the support you need there are plenty of threads around.

Good luck with your pg and fingers crossed it text book and boring, so that helps with the anxiety.

Brummiegirl15 Thu 10-Dec-15 05:20:53

Yes me. I'm 32 wks after suffering 3 mcs before this one.

The anxiety is a killer but just take it a day at a time

wonkylegs Thu 10-Dec-15 06:50:52

I'm 18+3 with a rainbow baby.
Had a mmc @17wks this time last year. It has been quite anxiety inducing but have had extra scans and so far everything is good have my anomaly scan in just over a weeks time and I might feel a little better after that. This pregnancy feels different though and it seems to be a right wriggler which helps me think that everything's going to be alright. We have a 7yo and he said to me the other day 'mummy I hope this baby doesn't die' - I couldn't stop crying all night.

SaveMeTheWaltz Thu 10-Dec-15 07:42:50

Currently 13 weeks after losing our second child at 35 weeks to a placental abruption, followed by a mmc six months later. It's grim and the anxiety is overwhelming. We are holding off telling our three year old for as long as possible, as I can't bear the thought of having to tell her that another baby has died.

Congratulations on all the other rainbow babies on this thread.

laughingGnomette Thu 10-Dec-15 08:50:03

Aww wonky, bless your DS.

Had an ectopic in July which was found at 8 weeks. I'm now 13 weeks pregnant and all is going well this time. The first few weeks before my early scan were just so scary.

Coraltee123 Thu 10-Dec-15 14:57:29

So sorry for all your sad news! But without the rain you can't have a rainbow 😊 So glad everyone's pregnancies are going well!

Have another scan on the 30th which will be my booking one. Can't wait until I can feel the baby move think it will be more reassuring if it's kicking away xxx

marmiteontoast76 Thu 10-Dec-15 18:54:23

8 weeks preg again after losing dd at 20 weeks in Sept. Had one scan at 5 weeks then one at 7 and so far so good but have long way to go until I can relax. Feeling very anxious.

Congrats on your pregnancies. X

Reebok Thu 10-Dec-15 18:58:17

Sorry for your loss (and for everyone else's).On rainbow baby number two. First was a mmc before by rainbow dd (now two) and second was in July. I'm now 20 weeks pregnant and trying my best to remain positive. Had a scare yesterday...bleeding and pain but my baby is fine and a reason for the bleed found! Fx all of our babies will be ok!

Coraltee123 Thu 10-Dec-15 22:46:57

Marmiteontoast sorry for your loss. I'm on the same boat baby looks perfect has a perfect heart beat and everything but just before I got pregnant I had a chemical pregnancy and bleed for 3 days but this baby works out to be older so I had the bleed with this baby. The doctor couldn't get over it because it wasn't implantation bleeding as it was too heavy and stuff but she said I must have ovulated as soon as my hormones dropped so one baby left and one baby stayed. So I keep freaking that this ones either not going to be there or just stop growing. It's awful tbh but I just have a good feeling this time around. Don't think any of us will settle until the baby is in our arms.

Reebok sorry for your losses. I have this thing were my body retains blood maybe that's what happened and I've seen a few we in on this that have bleed and there being no reason why. I'm sure you little one will be ok!

It's so nice knowing I'm not the only one being so anxious. Felt like I was going crazy for a bit there x

Eastend2015 Thu 10-Dec-15 23:45:13

Hi I've been there too with EP last year and MMC in March but I've just had a good 12 week scan today. It is really hard to get past checking for bleeding on a regular basis but I am getting a bit less anxious and the hospital are being very understanding.

Coraltee123 Fri 11-Dec-15 15:57:13

My hospitals been brilliant too! So understanding and sensitive and even told me if I'm having a bad day just to call them and they will give me a check and see if all is ok with baby xx

hellsdells82 Fri 11-Dec-15 16:43:25

Im having a rainbow baby. I gave birth to my angel at 39weeks in april this year. Im now 25wks(tomo) with our rainbow. To say anxious and nervewracked is an understatement. I had a mmc in january 2014 too.
To lose one at the beginning and then one at the very end was soul destroying. I also had a bleed at the start of this pregnancy,which was apparently a sub choreo haematoma.(blood clot) I then bled again at 16 wks and again at 20wks. Ive since been told i have a sensitive cervix and even just being constipated can start a small bleed off. This hs been a very tiring time with hyperemesis added on top.
Its hard..but i literally take one day at a time,i wake up,feel baby move (or do full ninja on my uterus) and feel reassured. I dont ever think about what tomorrow will bring,its always a new day.
I also have a fab maternity unit. Im on hospital led midwife care as i had issues with my local mw. All the hospital staff have been amazing. They are a very huggable bunch. Ive had 6 scans so far and other than a low placenta baby is fine. Although the "scanxiety" does kick in before every one i have,and although its great to see all is well....the happy feeling is shortlived with the not knowinh until nxt scan whats going on.
Ive a very caring hubby who has taught me how to live in sheer boredom...he wont have me doing anything! (I do stuff secretly whilst hes at work now) but im not complaining..the worry affects us both so as long as we are both happy then we can carry on.
The stress and worry and anxiety wont end till baby is in your arms,and then cue the next lot of stress and worry of a new baby.

Good luck with all pregnancys though guys,im sending big hugs and lots of flowers across. flowers flowers

3littlebadgers Fri 11-Dec-15 16:51:11

I am too [waves at Marmite]. I'm 31+3 after my dd2 was stillborn at 40+5 in March, for apparent reason. The anxiety is a killer but day by day we get that little bit further on, and the hospital is being great.

I wish you all well and hopefully very dull and boring pregnancies.

There is a long running support thread for mums pregnant with a rainbow baby which might be of comfort to some of you, I know the ladies on it have got me through some tricky times.

flowers good luck to you all

3littlebadgers Fri 11-Dec-15 16:52:06

[waves at hellsdells too] smile

hellsdells82 Fri 11-Dec-15 18:23:14

And a fab thread full of strong mummys it is too. smile
we are still here badger (waves back) fgrin
really beed to figure how use my phone better

Coraltee123 Fri 11-Dec-15 19:48:54

sorry for your loses. Couldn't imagine having a wee sleeping Angel must have been awful!

hellsdells82 I've hyperemesis too!
It's awful! Hoping mine goes away tho. Glad to here everything's well and your getting well looked after!

3little badgers- glad everything's going so well not long now! I know that's not much help as a day feels like a year lol

I think all my experiences and hearing from all of yous lovely weman will help me to be a better midwife when I head to uni to study! Putting it off for another 2 years! But I think 23 is young enough to start it lol. Just doing kids then career! (If you had of known me before I had my lg you wouldn't have believed that would have happened). Think it's amazing how so many people have gone through the same pain and still have the strength to carry on! Think yous all are amazing 😊

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