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Pregnancy and pets

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Cnmorgan13 Wed 09-Dec-15 22:24:08

Just wondering if anyone's had similar experiences. My cat who is usually not overly affectionate has started following me about, sitting near me or (right this minute) on me. My folks dog has also not been as excitable since I got pregnant I.e doesn't run through my legs anymore (big dogs they have all done this lol) and generally a bit more carefull.

Attached is cute photo of cat sitting on my bumpgrin

teamrigby Wed 09-Dec-15 22:31:12

Yeah my chocolate lab needs to be near me all the time now smile

Cnmorgan13 Wed 09-Dec-15 22:31:55

I'm lying on the sofa and now she's grooming/licking my hair lol!

cranberryx Wed 09-Dec-15 22:34:33

My two massive dogs definitely became more affectionate when I was pregnant (DS is a week old now grin) they would follow me around at night and sleep by my side.

When I went into labour they wouldn't leave my side though, I was on all fours groaning and I had a fluffy pup who kept barking for DP to come and to check on me.

Junosmum Wed 09-Dec-15 23:00:41

My usually ridiculously affectionate/clingy cat refused to be near me until about 24 weeks. The usually aloof, hates being cuddled cat cat get enough!

SummerDreams13 Wed 09-Dec-15 23:04:37

Yes, I had this from 2 non lap cats! I think they liked the heat and the heart beat - I used to think how lovely it was for my baby to feel me purring. Could be worse, 1 of them used to also bring me carefully captured vole offerings; never done it before or since, so I can only presume he thought I needed some extra protein 😂

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