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Raspberry Leaf Tablets

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CrumpetHead Wed 09-Dec-15 17:54:21

Everywhere I've read online people say you can take up to 6 tablets a day (2 with each meal) but it says on the bottle to take two per day and "do not exceed" How much did you/are you taking? I'd be a bit worried to go over the recommended just incase

jamtartandcustard Wed 09-Dec-15 18:20:05

I started with 1, then after a week 2, then after another week 3 and then went back down to 1 as I'm running out and don't want to buy another bottle!

Twinwife Wed 09-Dec-15 18:27:20

I've gone for 2 a day as per bottle instructions. Would rather that than go by Dr Google

amysmummy12345 Thu 10-Dec-15 04:17:19

I did one a day, my friend recommended them as they made labour "more effective". She wasn't bloody joking! No early labour, waters broke in middle of night, contractions five mins apart from the off and really strong! Whole labour and birth done and dusted in 8 hours! It might have been coincidence but I swear it was these! I'm a little scared to take them this time because of how intense first birth was lol x

Picnic2223 Thu 10-Dec-15 07:48:23

I'm taking one morning and one at night.

CrumpetHead Thu 10-Dec-15 10:16:20

Thanks guys, I might have left it a little late to start them though, I'm 38 weeks today and only started them two days ago, I completely forgot that I had them in the cupboard ready! I'm really hoping for a vbac, I had an emcs 15 months ago after being induced and going to 42+1, I only tried the tea last time.. It took me over an hour to drink one cup cos it's so revolting!

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