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Mixed pregnancy results!

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arteffects Wed 09-Dec-15 06:17:26

Hi guys,

I'm 7 days late for my period, and after today, I'll totally skip this cycle -which never happens before. My period's usually punctual, so it kinda strange to me. Tried hpt multiple times, came out -ve at first. And then I tried using Clear Blue digital, +ve 1-2 weeks.

I tried testing again the next day using the line ones, -ve. Went to the clinic and got tested there with -ve result. I then tried testing one more time using the Clear Blue digital one: +ve 1-2 weeks again!! Just right after the -ve test at the clinic. Went for a blood test = -ve!

No AF signs so far. I experience tender breasts and intermittent slight cramping at the moment - which either means I'm about to have my period soon, or possibly pregnant? No idea at all. I've never felt cramping except when I'm having my period. So this is the first for me.

I dont really know what to expect with this mixed results. Possibly it's too soon to tell, false +ve or -ve results are also possible. SOOOO CONFUSING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

p/s: This would be my first, if I really am pregnant.

eurochick Wed 09-Dec-15 06:37:36

It's unusual to get a false positive but a blood test is pretty definitive. I'd say you're not pregnant and have a dodgy batch of clear blues.

Coraltee123 Thu 10-Dec-15 00:32:21

Our home tests are more accurate my doctor told me this not long ago . If the hcg in your blood isn't high enough they will class you as not pregnant. I'd wait a few days and do another. You could be pregnant xx

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