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did pregnancy dry up your breast milk?

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Motheroftheforest Tue 08-Dec-15 21:52:25

Hi everyone possibly trying for #3 (not trying not preventing at times lol). My Daughter is 2 next week and still feeds like a newborn like every 3 hours she's on if. I've heard pregnancy can completely dry you up and I'm so worried about it and loosing that special breastfeeding bond with her. Anyone here have milk that didn't dry

LumpySpaceCow Tue 08-Dec-15 23:04:14

My DD was 7 months old when I got pregnant. My milk didn't dry up but it became very painful to feed (nipples were excruciating).
I've read and heard varying things. Some say their milk does reduce/dry up but the child continues to 'feed' even though there is no milk. Others say their milk changes and the child either loves it or hates it (especially when colostrum). Pregnancy may encourage her to self wean. Or it may not. I wouldn't let it discourage me from TTC, your bond and relationship will just evolve whether she continues to feed or not x

Kaytee1987 Wed 09-Dec-15 08:11:38

No experience but I have heard that if you're still bf regularly then you might not ovulate xx

Mrsantithetic Wed 09-Dec-15 08:15:26

I fed my dd all the way through my pregnancy with her brother. My milk did dry up and it did get uncomfortable between 4-6 months but she loved it close to the end. She was 22 months when he was born and feeding on a new born schedule hmm

ChocChocPorridge Wed 09-Dec-15 08:25:15

Yes, it did.

DS was 2 and a half when I got pregnant, and by the time I was about 3 months in my milk had entirely dried up. He was down to just a morning feed though generally, so not as much as your DD. I had to tell him that there was none left in the end because he was trying so hard he was giving me sore nipples. He wasn't completely happy about it, there were some mournful morning snuggles with a hand on my boob for a bit, but he got there.

At the time I was having periods pretty much every other month.

amysmummy12345 Wed 09-Dec-15 08:38:02

DD 27 months on the 14th, she has it morning, bedtime and if she's tired in the day. At around 9 weeks of my current pregnancy she went off it for four days and I honestly thought we were done, now she's back on it... She says the milk doesn't work in the one but it doesn't stop her lol x

Daffydil Wed 09-Dec-15 08:41:49

I got pregnant just before DS turned 3. He stopped feeding when I was about 15/16 weeks - my choice, not his.

From v early on in pregnancy feeding hurt. It was super painful. By about a week after he stopped feeding I had no milk at all. Up till then was always able to squeeze some out in the shower.

Now I'm 32 weeks and not so much as a drop has come out since then.

spilttheteaagain Wed 09-Dec-15 11:33:40

I'm 10 weeks. My incredibly sensitive boobs were one of the things I noticed straight away - feeding DD was agony, couldn't stand it. I've weaned her as a result in the last few weeks but she was complaining that there wasn't much/any milk. She's 4 and we'd been aiming to wean for a while but had several failed attempts. The pain gave me the backbone I needed to tough out her begging and stick to my guns and say no long enough to finish the feeding completely.

Like a PP I can't seem to get a drip out by hand in the shower now so I think it's done.

Noodledoodledoo Wed 09-Dec-15 13:39:41

I had stopped feeding 3 weeks before I discovered I was pregnant (not sure if the feeding had been working as a contraceptive only had a month of trying!) I had pretty much dried up but in the last few weeks I have started leaking really really badly once again - just when I thought I could cease the breast pads!!

specialk1980 Wed 09-Dec-15 14:21:31

My milk dried up the moment I got pregnant, and have had excruciatingly sore nipples ever since (now 17 weeks). Hasn't stopped DS (20 months) from feeding at least twice a day though.

Booboostwo Wed 09-Dec-15 15:13:56

my nipples hurt in early pregnancy but it was bearable. My milk dried up at 28wks and dry sucking was extremely painful for me and not satisfying for DD who was just over 3yo at the time. I thought she might take it up again when the baby arrived but she had forgotten how to suck.

I have heard though of women whose milk didn't dry up at all and of others who had no problem with dry sucking.

ISaySteadyOn Wed 09-Dec-15 15:18:56

Mine didn't dry up at all. What did happen was that I got serious nursing aversion. I still let DD1 and DD2 bf (DD1 when pg with DD2, and DD2 when pg with DS) but it was a real struggle. Worth it though as DD2's bfing kept supply up when DS was born and, as he was preemie, he struggled to latch at first. He is now 20 mo and still a bit of a bf monster though DD2 has weaned.

Motheroftheforest Wed 09-Dec-15 17:28:10

Thanks ladies
Some hope there smile

feeona123 Wed 09-Dec-15 22:13:10

I think so!

It coincided with my return to work so we didn't have much time to feed and we were down to 1 feed a day.

She just stopped being interested and that was that!

Joskar Wed 09-Dec-15 22:22:15

Everyone told me dd1 would wean during my pregnancy because the milk would go but she didn't so I suppose it was still there. Drove me round the bend. I suffered from nursing agitation and it was dreadful for the first month of dd2's life until I set some good limits for dd1. I still hate it when I'm tired but at least I can control it now. Dd1 is 27 months and dd2 is three months.

Tandem feeding is one of the hardest things I've ever done.

ToastyFingers Thu 10-Dec-15 12:31:39

I stopped feeding dd at about 18 months when I got pregnant again but my milk only dried up for about a fortnight before colostrum came back in at about 26 weeks (I'm 36 weeks now).

LibrariesgaveusP0wer Thu 10-Dec-15 14:39:20

Yes, both times around 4 months. It actuA

LibrariesgaveusP0wer Thu 10-Dec-15 14:39:54

Argh. Excuse the toddler.

It actually made for nice gentle weaning. Not sure how to wean this last one!

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